Sega Ages: Sonic the Hedgehog for Switch releases in Japan in August for 925 yen

As announced back at the Sega Fes 2018 event back in April, Sega and the developer M2 will be releasing individual classics on the Nintendo Switch eShop as part of their Sega Ages line. This succeeds the Sega 3D Classics line from the Nintendo 3DS (also by M2), and one of the first two games to launch with the line is of course; Sonic 1 (the other being Thunder Force IV on Genesis).

In addition to a classic mode which includes the optional Spin Dash from Sonic 2, Sonic 1 on Switch will actually contain new content not found in the 3DS version. Such content includes the optional Drop Dash move from Sonic Mania, as well as the Mega Play version which was an arcade version that included time-trials for each level. It also brings back the Ring Keep mode from 3D Sonic 2 where you always begin with 10 rings at the start of each level.

Finally, it includes something pretty interesting; leaderboards! That’s right, in Challenge Mode, the leaderboards comes in two varieties; one where you compete to clear Green Hill Zone Ace 1 the fastest, and another to get the highest score in the overall game.

The game will launch in Japan at some point in August for 925 yen. This is higher than 3D Sonic 1 on 3DS which was 571 yen in Japan (and $5.99 USD and £4.49 in UK and EU). Right now we don’t have the exact date in Japan or any info on when to expect the game to hit NA and EU and of what the price will be there, but we will let you all know when that info comes out.

In the meanwhile, have a look at some screenshots!

Via Gematsu.

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  1. This is all well and Good but why not use the Taxman version Sega?
    Better still release a physical release of all the Taxman releases add Sonic 3 & Knuckles and Knuckles Chaotix with a Mania style menu and save system. Could also include the Directors cut of Sonic 3D Blast and Dr Robotniks Mean Bean Machine. Call it the Sonic Megadrive (Genesis) Remix Collection, Just an Idea. 🙂

    1. Whitehead made ports for phones, not the Switch. I’d personally rather have him spend his time preparing a Mania sequel :p

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