Sonic Mania Plus’ Encore Mode Accidentally Streamed in its Entirety

Whoops. When SEGA accidentally pushed version 1.04 of Sonic Mania on PlayStation Network last month, it enabled the ‘Plus’ expansion for free. But, it was assumed that most of the new content was still locked away until its official July release. Well, one fan mistakenly discovered a way to access the entire ‘Encore’ remixed stages in the game, and managed to stream the whole thing too.

Fans were confused to be seeing a YouTube live stream taking place on Friday, which appeared to be a complete playthrough of all of the new-look stages that can be found in the upcoming DLC pack. According to community chatter, the Encore mode could be easily access in Sonic Mania v1.04 by way of an exploit in the game’s debug mode.

SEGA cottoned on quick, however, and politely asked the streamer to take the video down as soon as possible. The user in question, a Sonic Mania PC modder by the handle of Scarly, issued a statement afterwards apologising for the mishap.

Naturally, we won’t be sharing any leaked streams of the game between now and whenever we’re allowed to share gameplay – but it’s worth pointing out that due to this discovery, leaks and unauthorised streams spoiling the entire Plus package are extremely likely from hereon out. Be careful out there, if you’re hoping to jump into the Mania update with a fresh set of eyes.


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