Sonic Adventure Music Experience At MAGFest 2018

2018 marks the 20th Anniversary of the seminal Sonic game, Sonic Adventure – and what better way to celebrate the event than through the music of the series!

The Sonic Adventure Music Experience first debuted in April 2016 as a performance of a selection of songs from Sonic Adventure and Sonic Adventure 2, as well as a talk from those involved in the development of the series. The three-piece of performers comprises Sonic series sound director and composer Jun Senoue, long-time Sonic series bassist Takeshi Taneda, and Crush 40 / S.A.M.E. percussionist Act. on drums.

The trio will be performing at this year’s MAGFest, taking place from the 4th to the 7th of January 2018, National Harbour, MD.

More information along with tickets are available from the MAGFest 2017 website.

For those who can travel or are living out in Japan, Crush 40 will also be performing at Japan Game Music Festival II: Re in Tokyo on the 13th and 14th of January 2018.

A double-whammy to kick 2018 off with a bang!

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  1. how about remastering sonic adventure, make it a nice 4k update as well. then adventure 2, that would be awesome

    1. Also a sonic adventure game on the switch with chao would be great start for getting new fans to understand the quality we experienced in the 6th gen

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