A new Sonic Forces Comic Arrives “Looming Shadow”

Omega’s in big trouble, Rouge is worried and Shadow’s coming to help and…do I see pictures of Sally Acorn? Nah. Couldn’t be. The third Sonic Forces comic is here! It’s written by Ian Flynn with art by Adam Bryce Thomas. Check it out in the gallery below and check out the first issue here and the second one here.


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  1. Not as good as the last one. And my girlfriend brought up a good point. Why is Omega on a stealth mission anyway? Rouge is the spy and is the stealthy one of Team Dark. Omega is a walking arsenal created to destroy anything in his way. It doesn’t make sense.

  2. A Sally Acorn cameo in a game tie-in comic? Yuck. Is this the doing of that SatAM fanboy Ian Flynn?

  3. Gotta love seeing both Team Dark running around and the Modern Sally Acorn easter eggs.

    If there was a time to bring the Freedom Fighters into the games now would be it after all, SEGA does own the rights to the Freedom Fighters. Shame it’s never gonna happen though with Takashi Izuka around. I’d love to see the changes the franchise would have with a game director from the west.

  4. Where are you even getting these Sonic Forces comics from? Because nowhere on the official website.

      1. I don’t think that’s where they got them from, the resolutions don’t match. For instance, the first comic that was uploaded to Google Drive and linked by Sonic Stadium had a higher res than the one posted on Twitter.

      1. Yes, he alongside Zavok, Chaos and Metal Sonic are just Virtual Clones conjured by Infinite.

        The real Shadow KO’d the imposter when you reached him at the end of the Modern City level.

      2. I’m going to assume that he’s taking the piss. After all, given how careful the article writers are about spoilers, why would they let them out in the comments, especially as it seems they’re all moderated?

  5. Uh… That’s all we get for Infinite’s origin? He’s just some asshole who decided “Eh, I’m bored. Guess I’ll be evil now.”

    That’s dumb, even by this franchise’s standards.

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