IDW Confirms Ian Flynn As New Sonic Comic Lead Writer, with April 2018 Launch

It has been revealed at IDW’s Sonic Comic Town Hall panel (live-streamed by TSSZ), that Ian Flynn will be the lead writer. Fans of the later Archie Sonic comics will be pleased to see Flynn return to his role as creator of Sonic comic story lines.

While details on the comic from the panel has been sparse so far, it has been announced that the new Sonic comic will be in its own continuity and will start with a new number one with “brand new stories.” The comic will launch April 4th, 2018 with the first four issues released on a weekly basis, continuing on monthly.

While Flynn’s involvement as lead writer has been confirmed, no other names have been mentioned at the time of this writing.

UPDATE: IDW has released a high quality version of the Tysone Hesse teaser image alongside their press release.

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  1. Sweet ^^, let’s hope the comic will include characters from the Post-Super Genesis Wave reality (the ones that Ian Flynn introduced) will be in it (the Egg-Bosses, Relic, Dr. Ellidy, Razor, Coral, Pearl, etc.)

  2. Congratulation to Ian, though I hope they announce more writers in the future, personally I am just glad that IDW is going in a fresh and new direction with the comic and leaving the old continuity behind

  3. I really miss the fleetway style and stories; never got to read the archie ones (living in England I don’t think I’ve ever seen a physical copy). I loved the idea of super sonic being a separate character, Chaos being an actual character, emeralds with unique abilities… while I haven’t read them in over a decade and can’t vouch for their quality, these were cool ideas that have still remained in my mind.

    1. Dude I still love the Fleetway series always have always will. The first 100 issues were amazing and in my opinion way better than the first 100 ARCHIE issues.
      Fleetway next 84 issues however were not all amazing there were more good than bad but the horrendous artwork in the books latter issues were just that. Horrendous.
      Archie issues 100+ onwards were getting better and more connection with the games slowly I loved “Home” & “Return to Angel Island” but it was only when Flynn took over from 160 onwardsthat Archie became amazing and Tracey Yardley made the characters look like their video game counterparts. After the reboot Flynn created so any new characters it was cool.
      Fleetway had Shortfuse/Porker Lewis/Johnny Lightfoot/Tekno/Turbo/Grimer/Captian Plunder/Fitch/Simpson/The Omni Viewer so much more.
      I just wish that there was a time where all the legal jumbo could be been sorted and we had a ARCHIE vs FLEETWAY arc

    1. You are aware Flynn does stuff other than Sonic, and already does work for IDW on TMNT, right?

    2. Well, Ian did write Sonic Mega Drive at Archie which was wholly separate from the Archie canon, so he can do Sonic without Archie.

      Honestly, I want to see him take a shot at it. He did great with the original canon of Archie, but I felt after they pulled the rug out from under him with the Penders crap, he just couldn’t save it. I don’t fault him for it considering he couldn’t truly start fresh and they took away much of the stuff he’d been working with up to that point. He was left with an extended cast of characters that HAD to remain around since they were what made the comic unique, but he’d lost the decades of canon that made the world and those characters interesting. They mostly were around because they had to be and things just didn’t feel natural afterwards.

      Either way, I’ll definitely be picking up the first few issues to see where things go.

  4. Hopefully, this means they’ll be able to continue where the Post-SGW Archie continuity left off.

      1. But they didn’t say whether it meant they’re rebooting again or not. It’s a different publisher, but it could start where they left off at Archie.

  5. went to the idw site to see what ian flynn had to say about it and

    “I can’t wait to show you what I’m made of as we reach for the stars and explore the endless possibilities!”

    there is like three different reference here and im not sure if i should be proud or ashamed that i know them all

  6. I don’t care to collect comics issue by issue anymore, but this fresh slate really has me hoping they put out some volumes later on.

  7. What I would like to know is now that IDW & SEGA are working together 2 things
    1. Can IDW use/adapt Sonic Chronicles:The Dark Brotherhood? Technically it’s be all SEGA characters and in USE which has no ties to the moron who Kickstarted this mess from the beginning.
    2. Someone should really ask SEGA what’s happened to the rights of the U.K FLEETWAY books? It’s be fantastic if IDW picked them up and re-released them in graphic novel form coz now it’s virtually impossible to get a full collection now that comical games shut down. What is the only way now.

    1. “Can IDW use/adapt Sonic Chronicles:The Dark Brotherhood?”
      Probably not. After all, it being all Sega characters didn’t stop Penders going after Sega and BioWare in the first place, and I doubt IDW would want to run that sort of risk before their comic is even established.

      1. Lol. A second Sonic comic to go down because of lawsuits! Can’t help but think that’d be a little funny… and a little depressing.

  8. So, he gets to ruin another Sonic comic book? Yay…

    You’d think the Sonic comic world would learn their lesson the first time…

  9. I like what im hearing! Taking the best aspects of the archie comics and starting fresh!

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