Sonic Forces on Steam has Denuvo, may be co-developed by Hardlight Studios

Sonic Forces has popped up for pre-order on Steam, and with that came some new info regarding this version of the game. Like the PC version of Sonic Mania, Sonic Forces will have Denuvo, a controversial anti-piracy program that is unpopular within PC gaming circles.

Sonic Forces on PC also appears to be co-developed by Hardlight Studios, which shares a development credit with Sonic Team on the game’s listing page. Hardlight Studio is a UK developer that specializes in mobile games. It has developed a variety of Sonic mobile games, including the recently released Sonic Forces: Speed Battle.

Like the PS4 and Xbox One versions, pre-ordering the game will net you a Shadow avatar costume and the SEGA pack, which includes avatar costumes for a variety of SEGA characters including NiGHTS and Beat.

The PC version of Sonic Forces is scheduled for release on the same day as the console version of the game, November 7.

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  1. Uhh, I really don’t have much knowledge about online DRM and all that kind of stuff, so could somebody please explain to me why Denuvo being used for Sonic Forces is a bad thing?

    1. Digital Rights Management (DRM).
      Basically, like Sonic Mania (PC), if you order it on Steam, you can’t play it offline like most games. You have to play it online while having Steam opened, due to piracy reasons. In short, don’t buy it on PC unless you have a high speed computer and high speed wifi AND/OR can deal with issues such as crashing, errors, and choppy gameplay. You’re better off buying it for a console. At least you can play it offline. Or at least until they get this Denuvo DRM crap resolved. Otherwise it’s totally your choice.

    2. it’s anti piracy software and the problem with it is it needs your PC to be online to work meaning if someone lives somewhere with spotty internet they’ll be kicked from the game.

      1. Also, if Denuvo ever goes out of business and shuts down their servers, all Denuvo-equipped games will be unplayable forever. A similar situation happened with the company who made the DRM for Darkspore, and now people who paid for that game can’t play it at all anymore.

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