New Sonic 2 HD Trailer Released, Demo Incoming

The team behind the ambitious Sonic 2 HD project have revealed a new trailer, sporting two new zones and a demo release.

The fan game, which was revived back in 2014, has seen sporadic updates via the development journal run by the team over the years – but there has been no playable version of the project since the alpha release in 2012.

The new trailer shows off the previously playable Emerald Hill Zone in action once more, alongside new additions Chemical Plant Zone and Hill Top Zone. The trailer ends promising fans a new playable build will be available September 30th for download. You can check it out in action below:

Will you be revisiting Sonic 2 in high definition later this month? Let us know your impressions below.

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    1. A lot of it looks weird honestly. Hill Top looks really bad in particular, it’s mountains and trees were made to evoke CG surreally and trying to directly translate that to HD doesn’t work while a lot of the character sprites and CPZ deviates heavily from source so what’s the deal?

  1. We need this team on board for Sonic Mania 2 or at least another Official Project. This beauty deserves full support.

    1. Seriously. I’d like a 2D hand-drawn Sonic game if it was done well like Ducktales Remastered, Rayman Origins/Legends, or Wario Land Shake It but this just looks like a cheap freemium mobile game.

  2. What’s up with that crying Tails? Nice graphics, though. Why couldn’t Sonic Mania have HD graphics too?

  3. Fantastic!! Been waiting years, guys. Great job! Definitely downloading the 30th! Think the scared Tails is perfect as it evokes emotions that I imagined as a child Tails would have, pretending as Sonic I would rescue him from the CPZ grabber robot. Looks like this is going to be pretty interesting!

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