Sonic Forces & Mania Demo Footage Showcased on Twitch Stream

SEGA Community Manager Aaron Webber appeared on the E3 Pre-Event Twitch stream along with members of the Sonic Mania development team to, among other Sonic-related things, show off the Sonic Forces and Sonic Mania E3 demos. The Forces demo consists of three parts: a modern Sonic 3D stage, a classic Sonic boss battle, and an “Avatar stage”, which demonstrates the fan-created “hero” character. The Sonic Mania demo showed off the second Green Hill stage and boss.

Blue Paradox was kind enough to rip Twitch footage and post it to Youtube, shown below:

You can check out original stream here. You can also watch the ENTIRE Sonic Twitch stream, by skipping to 18:10…just keep in mind it is NSFW as there is a completely lower-half naked man dancing with a pie!

As always, TSS will keep you up to date over the course of E3 week with any and all Sonic the Hedgehog news as it happens!

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  1. A lot more impressed with Green Hill Zone in Forces than I was before. I wish they would have showed off the Oil Ocean-esque half of the stage when they first revealed Green Hill’s return. And the Egg Mobile boss fight being revamped and switching to the Egg Dragoon was too hype. I can’t wait to see more.

  2. Forces is looking AWESOME. I’m loving the involvement of other characters! So excited to play the game.

  3. Wow. Sonic’s character model ACTUALLY looks different again… well obviously that since they’re using the Hedgehog Engine 2.. i got tired of the models looking almost exactly the same! & the boost gameplay looks a bit less slippery.. i hope i’m right!

    1. I thought I was the only one, and going crazy. Looks more like his model from runners

  4. I like the rest of the cast in a Star Fox 64 style coms window. Makes you feel like they’re actually part of something this time.

    Still prefer it if they were playable though…

    1. If they we’re playable the game wouldn’t do so well, trust me. Since Sonic being the only playable character the franchise has been gaining praise and interest again.

      Besides Tails and Knuckles. no one really likes the other characters unless your a fan of the franchise. I like Silver but many non-Sonic fans do not like him or Shadow etc. Even the Chaotix who are some of my fav characters from the franchise are disliked by many.

      The only new character I know that got good praise was Blaze.

      1. in an official poll recently Blaze and Metal Sonic were tied until the last few hours

          1. it was held on the SEGA blog, Metal would have won but the site was spammed by vote bots in the last hour.

      2. So because non-Sonic fans don’t like them, they aren’t allowed to be playable? That’s the dumbest thing I’ve heard. This is why SEGA has been trying to please the fans with mediocre games for years, the last great Sonic game was Unleashed, and the Werehog was one of the best parts. But since a lot of people hate any type of Sonic game where the levels last more than one minute, it got a lot of backlash. Ugh, I wish SEGA would stop trying to please the critics and actual please the fans.

        1. Lol Unleashed wasn’t the last great Sonic game. That’d go to Generations. Unleashed reintroduced the boost style formula for 3D Sonic and ended Sonic’s ‘Dark age’ of mediocre games. Lost World was ok and Boom was… not good.

        2. And make Twilight the game: furry edition? Lol What do you think custom characters was for. Last time I checked, nobody but the Sonic Fanbase liked Sonic OC’s.

    2. I knew I was the only one who thinks that the cast are presented in a Star Fox 64 style vibe during gameplay!
      It’s something like this that makes me happy that help expands the story for this game.

  5. “You see in the, in the cutscenes there all modern characters from past Sonic games make appearances here.”
    Oh boy I can’t wait for the return of Shade and Vanilla and Marine and Chip and Elise.

  6. That Pre pre show is pretty trashy, but the Sonic stuff showed off so far seems nice. I just wish they weren’t stopping in the middle of levels like that, just show us a whole level and leave the rest of the game to our experience when it comes out, don’t just leave even more of the levels we already know about in mystery. But whatever, I still got some concerns with Forces, but I’m really hoping they get addressed much better in later levels. Guess we’ll have to see.

  7. with the crisis thats going on – it makes sense everyone would be talking to one another. Looks like Tails is taking digs at Eggman which is neat.

  8. I know what the answers gonna be but I just want to see the freedom fighters in this the current designed version if no one looks at the comics

    1. Sonic Team do not and will not acknowledge them. And it sucks, because this game is their kind of place.

        1. That was actually a SatAM game. And was the only one out of a few SatAM games to actually release, while the rest were cancelled. That’s why there’s Cluck and Sonic has a mohawk and then some.
          Though, because the other SatAM games were cancelled, this was not marketed as a SatAM.

          It also wasn’t developed by Sonic Team.

  9. The less content shown, the best.
    Show all the game before ruins the experiencie.
    And I can’t resist to watch.

  10. The dialogue felt a bit cringe, more-or-less with how many times the guys proclaimed that there were “a lot of death egg robots”… But otherwise It’s a Massive improvement so far. The amount of urgency in their voices sounds about right for each situation.

    The Classic Boss (both in the mania demo and the forces demo) caught me off guard. And the amount of level dynamics really pleased me with the Avatar Green Hill Zone.

  11. Whew, what a relief. And I thought that the fandom was starting to turn on Forces. These trailers really help show off the game in a better light!

  12. If it’s anything like Colors (which seems to be the case the more and more I see footage) then we’re probably not gonna have very big 3D sections and the 2D sections will probably be the focus.

  13. I wish they would release demo on steam or somewhere, like they did with Generations and pas titles, to test out how game will run on pc (which should do fine but still) and have fun with character creator, oh and gameplay, yes.

  14. Just me or… this game look’s like the same build that they send to those websites games back when modern gameplay was revealed? Really, because we all know that Sonic Mania build at e3 was made 8 months ago so it’s probably Sonic Team doing the same to win time on development. I believe they gonna do some changes in this hud and in this Sonic model too.

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