UPDATE: Sonic Forces E3 Trailer Reveals New Villains


Sega have just released a new trailer for Sonic Forces and it shows us our villains gallery including what appears to be a new enemy for Sonic to fight.

Looks like that Sonic will be facing off against Eggman, Shadow, Chaos, Zavok, Metal Sonic and a ‘mysterious new villain’.

All we know about the villain is that he has a ‘strange new ability’ and his name is Infinite.

Also released was this key art piece.

We’ll keep you updated with more information as we get it.

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  1. Does anyone else feel any parallels with this “New Villain” and the Avatar Character…?

    Also- WHAT??
    Shadow, Chaos Zero, Metal Sonic, Skylander Guy and Eggman are all joining forces? This is starting to feel like “Sonic: Civil War”… Lol

  2. I must admit I got hyped. I always thought that Shadow can have a good place in the series as a Villain but this is just throwing his whole character arc out of the window. I hope there is some explanation

    1. Well, it’s not like Shadow got fed up with working for GUN, and resigned to be more independent.

  3. Wait… Chaos, Metal Sonic, and Shadow will all be story-important again?


  4. Wow, Chaos’ water textures look really awesome! And Shadow’s design also seems to have gotten some extra time. I can’t wait to get more information about the game

  5. This is it.

    This is the end of Sonic the Hedgehog.

    Not even Mania can save this.

    It’s been fun, lads.

        1. Well, with Archie Comics ditching Sonic, and SEGA probably not looking to continue it, maybe it IS time Sonic got married to Amy, and focus on slowing down to be as good a dad as Goofy.

    1. what the flop dude ? this is Epic ! SEGA is definitely offering us some delicious Fan Service here !

      i’m so exited for this game : D

  6. I’m game for a villain beatdown of this proportion. Assuming this villain just seeks to take over or kill Sonic and uses Sonic’s past enemies to do so. Though, everyone’s assuming Eggman is part of this. Sure the Egg Robos are being used, but until I see a hint of that mustache, I’m gonna remain sceptical.


      Too late… I beat you too it.

      1. ………..what?

        Whatever, still stupid. Game looks awesome, have fun not having fun with it I guess. 😛

      2. Damn it, how did you do it?!

        How can you be the critc of your critique?!

        Is-Is this what is called the HOGFORCE?!

        Can you post back in time so you can create a HOGPOINT and create a timeline with a better game?

  7. Just why zavok all villains? why this generic bastard? the bowser ripoff?
    out of ALL of them, just WHY??

    1. Theyre trying to keep Zavok relevent, even though the Zeti are from the worst Sonic villains. Cant say i hate him, though he is somewhat lame

    1. I’m expecting some sort of time travel mishap made that death not happen. Which would also explain why Chaos and Shadow are evil again and Eggman has taken over the world. Probably pulled Classic Sonic out of the timeline, eliminating his presence thus assuring he never grew up to star in the modern age games. Then again, Sonic’s supporting cast doesn’t seem too time altered, so maybe that’s just me overthinking possible plot lines.

  8. i’m happy to see Metal be story important again and that artwork is really cool.
    not sure how they got Chaos to turn up but he looks great with updated graphics.

  9. Tikal, why did you let Eggman take Chaos away from you?? Why?? Lol but seriously though… it could very well be that these guys may just be versions from different dimensions, like Classic Sonic. It’s soo disheartening that they are so strong-willed on trying to make Shadow evil again.. sheesh.

    Remember how they’re talking about Shadow in Park Avenue, as if he wasn’t evil and they’re just trying to find him.. it’s almost like from the sound of their conversation, they don’t know he’s on the bad side.. idk i’m just trying to find reason why he shouldn’t be evil lol.

    1. I disagree, I thinks Shadow worked better as a villain. He really serves no purpose if he’s a hero now. It’s redundant.

      1. Shadow was only a villian in SA2 because Gerald altered his memories. He has worked at GUN since Sonic ’06

    2. I was thinking this is an alternate future created when Classic Sonic was pulled from the past. I wasn’t buying the alternate dimension thing. But looks like I’ve missed some video teasers.

  10. They won’t actually make Shadow and Chaos evil again. Much like how there are 2 Sonics I’m sure these are copies or time travellers or from alternate dimensions or such.

    Honestly this is kind of neat. Shame there aren’t more of the one off villains like Captain Whiskers and Black Doom and Erazor Djinn there too. Hell, even Mephiles would have been ok. More interesting boss fights would be welcome even at the cost of a slightly more convoluted plot.

    Also give bad Shadow guns and then make normal Shadow make fun of him for using them.

  11. Makes me speculate if Eggman Nega will appear finally or that’s just it for the roster.

    1. I’m hopefully of that, Eggman Nega is crazier and more dangerous than Eggman and I would love to see how Pollock portrays him and intracts with the normal Eggman, also would be cool to have a reveal about Nega being behind the curtains all along, at that or some other point I hope Blaze makes an appearance too.

      1. Sonic Rivals 2 had Voice acting for Eggman Nega. It wasnt very good but it was there.

  12. I’m seriously getting comic vibes right now, this is pretty awesome! I’ve made a few Xenoverse jokes before, but this guy is giving me Demigra vibes right now, like OMG. XD

    But no, this is actually pretty cool, I really hope they actually have nailed the story this time. The gameplay will be what it is, if nothing else it seems serviceable, I’ve accepted that by this point. Right now all I really want is to see them finally do a good job on the story, because that has been the one thing they’ve been consistently having problems with. Getting the gameplay figured out is important, don’t get me wrong, but for me personally I’ve had a problem with the story writing ever since Colors, so it’s been an issue whether the game played well or not, so I feel it’s important that it gets solved here and now.

    And again, the gameplay hasn’t been looking spectacularly bad like the likes of 2006 or Rise of Lyric, so even if it’s not up to Generations standards, it’s still not the worst it can be. I just hope that later levels have a bit more creative of a layout to them, since so far this has been feeling like early level showcases. I still have my concerns and all that, don’t get me wrong, I’m just not fixating on that right now. In the long run, I feel like it’s going to be important to get the story done right, since Iizuka CLEARLY wants to keep the likes of Pontac and Graff around for a long time, so while gameplay quality will ebb and flow over time, it’s important to at least get a solid story going if that’s been your consistent flaw for so long.

    I guess I’m still a mix of concern and excitement with this title, I’m just leaning a bit more on the side of excitement at the moment, cause so far what I’ve seen I’ve actually liked a good deal. I’ll just have to see more in the coming months to have a better idea of what my feelings are, but I’m not going to jump on board to the “this game gets worse and worse the more I look at it for just 5 seconds each time” boat any time soon, that thing is overcrowded and kind of noisy. 😛

      1. I mean, I feel like the base idea behind it wasn’t bad, it’s just the final execution was terrible. It’s like if you looked at the recipe for an amazing cake, but when you end up finished making it, you realize you botched the whole thing and it looks like a mess now. I’m sure if somebody were ambitious enough, they could go back and make a working polished version of what 06’s gameplay could have and should have been like. But as it is RIGHT NOW, yeah, it IS pretty bad.

        1. I simply disagree. Sure, it’s not the most polished gameplay ever, but it’s still incredibly enjoyable for me and I think most of the characters handle extremely well. To each his own I guess.

          1. YES, wish more people realized Sonic 06 IS fun, and cannot be compared at all to garbage like RoL.

          2. Well, uh, I guess there isn’t much I can say to convince you otherwise. Sonic 2006 was actually my first “proper” Sonic title, and I’ll admit I didn’t really see anything wrong with it at first, I just thought that it was really REALLY hard. It wasn’t until I was aware of other people’s complaints that I realized why this game, for me and a HUGE majority of the fan base and gaming community anyway, is pretty broken and not really that “good”.

            But let me be clear, being a “bad” game doesn’t mean it can’t be an enjoyable game. I now know and accept that Sonic 2006 is a bad game, but I still have fun playing it. A good deal of frustrations as well, because of all the problems it has, but still a lot of fun. I can tell that there was a lot of drive and passion put behind it, and it’s ultimate issue was just how ambitious it was vs the amount of time that stupid hasty execs were giving developers to even finish the game, and often times I wonder how good it would be if it was given the proper time it was deserved. I think it probably could have been one of the best Sonic games ever, maybe even the best, but in the end it got cheated of that because Sega just couldn’t stand the idea of not releasing this game for the anniversary, something they’ve thankfully learned from it seems. But I still have a good or at least decent time playing it now that I know how to play around its problems and put up with it’s issues, and can actually throw in a bit of my own style in there when the game will allow me.

            Objectively speaking, this is not a good game. Subjectively speaking though, it is not unenjoyable. You can watch a crappy movie like The Room and still have a good time laughing. Life is full of paradoxes because people are varied enough to make any combination work, and this just happens to be one of them for me. I am informed enough and observant enough to recognize that this game is technically bad, but I am open enough and comfortable enough to admit that I still have fun playing it, and I feel that that is what is important. And quite honestly, after playing Rise of Lyric, I don’t think 2006 is as scary as people used to see it as anymore. Times have changed, lol.

        2. The fact that you’ve let other people’s opinions on the game to change your’s is quite sad. Believe me, I used to try to “fit in” by saying it was a bad game like everyone else, but I found myself constantly coming back to it. I’ve beaten it, like, 5 times! Is it the most polished game? No, of course not. But I don’t think that makes it bad, and overall it’s one of my favorite Sonic games.

          1. …do you not know how opinions are formed? Yes, you CAN base them off of your experience and your experience alone if you so choose, but you can also form it by taking a look at other peoples’ observations, weighing them against your own, re-exploring both (in this case, playing the game a few more times with both arguments in mind), as well as comparing a difference between your lack of perspective and experience before hand with your newfound perspective and experience now. Opinions aren’t some sterile lab experiment that have to be kept neatly tucked away from any other opinion lest they be “contaminated” or “impure” or something, they can take whatever form they take because of the people who form them, that’s it.

            My argument that it’s a bad game despite the fact that I still like it is NOT a “sad” perversion of my enjoyment of it. And it’s not like all I did was just watch a few “SANIC 0-SIX SUX!!!” videos and suddenly my view was completely changed. I saw some videos, articles, and well-made points and arguments about the matter, opened my eyes a bit more, and most importantly, I came back to play it AFTER having had played other more well-put together games like Sonic Unleashed, Sonic Adventure, Sonic 3&Knuckles, etc. And you know what, I STILL played it and had a good time. The only thing different is that I was thinking in my head in each level “Oh. Yeah, that really is bad. That thing should not be doing that right there. This is NOT how this game was intended to run.” That does not mean I hate the game, I don’t think it “sucks”, I don’t think it never had any chance to begin with. I still enjoy the game, I just enjoy it differently now, THAT IS NOT A BAD THING. Oh, and for the record, I’ve beaten it far more than 5 times by now, I’m probably close up to 15 at this point. If we’re gonna play the whole “I played it more so I should know what I’m talking about” game, then I’ve passed that threshold a long time ago my friend.

            Let me make this clear by repeating it again, because apparently it really does need repeating at this point, the game is bad, BUT YOU CAN STILL LOVE AND HAVE FUN WITH IT! It’s not against the rules to like something that a majority of people don’t like and what might even be technically and objectively be terrible, in fact it is completely normal. People like tons of things either they or other people admit are really bad, hell, I love Spider-Man 3 and the Star Wars Prequel Trilogy and almost everyone hates those movies! It’s not even a “guilty pleasure” thing either, the simple fact is that you like what you like and you love what you love, no matter what other people think. Whether your intellectual opinions change or not, the fact is that your emotional feelings towards what you like rarely, if ever, change.

            I’m not trying to “fit in” when I say that the game is bad, I am being honest with what I actually know, but I can not stress this enough, IT DOES NOT RUIN MY EXPERIENCE WITH THE GAME, it’s just extra knowledge, that’s it. I’m not telling you you can’t enjoy it, I’m not telling you I don’t enjoy it, I’m not even telling you that it is incapable of being enjoyed. All it’s lost is it’s potential, that’s about it, it’s still an enjoyable game depending on your mindset going in. So are we on the same page now, because I’m really hoping you’re not one of those “anything that sounds even remotely negative about this thing I like can’t ever possibly have any credence to it and therefore I will never listen or consider it” kind of guys, because I’m not trying to change your feelings about the game or anything, I’m just trying to give you a more accurate idea of what my feelings are.

          2. Dude, calm down. Sorry I didn’t realize a guy who said a video games’ gameplay is “spectacularly bad” likes said game.

            Yes, I realize the game wasn’t finished and had its obvious flaws (like the getting stuck on the walls glitch with Knuckles/Rouge). But you know what? That doesn’t mean the gameplay is bad. “Bad” gameplay is subjective- I think the gameplay extremely fun in ’06. I think Lost World’s gameplay was garbage, I didn’t even finish it I was so bored (this coming from a guy who’s beaten Secret Rings btw.)

            Honestly (and I’m gonna get hate for this but whatever), I think a lot of the people that hate the game just suck and aren’t good with the level design.

  13. I’d rather have gotten Black Doom or Mephiles over Bowser wannabe. Though I suppose Mephiles wouldn’t have made much sense, what with him no longer existing.

    There better be a good explanation for Chaos allying himself with the bad guys, as that he’s not evil.

    1. I was more going for Demigra, mostly because I’m having too much fun making Xenoverse jokes with this game. Though yeah, I was also getting Mephiles vibes as well, as well as a general “I could see this guy being an Archie Comic villain” kind of vibe, that really got me excited.

      1. Tbh the new villian Infinite looks a lot like Cassy the Pronghorn, the half roboticized sister of Clove (the Pronghorn), who is one of Eggmans egg bosses from the archie comics. Check it for yourself and youll see

        1. I was actually thinking Dr. Finitevus because of the white dreadlocks, but then I remembered that echidnas don’t have visible ears, so odds are it’s definitely not a super-powered evil echidna. X)”

  14. Is Sonicteam even trying anymore?

    No offense intended, but its like a Sonic generations 2 game pretending to be something else.

  15. Whatever your opinion is about this game, can we at least just all agree that Chaos 0 looks freaking AWESOME in this engine!? Like, this is the first time we’ve ever seen Chaos’ base form in a modern Sonic game, and it looks freaking amazing. Perfect Chaos looked badass in Generations, so it’s really nice to see how his other iconic form looks in what is already being considered Generations’ successor at this point. I really hope this game does some interesting stuff with him like transformations and powers and all that, because I REALLY want to see how cool all of that looks with this model and the graphics of a modern Sonic title. If nothing else, we can at least all agree that this was a great thing to do, right?

  16. Captain Whiskers, Black Doom, Erazor Djinn and Mephiles would be FUCKIN’ AWESOME!!!!!!!!

    1. Erazor Djinn wouldnt make to much sense to show up since hes a character from the sonic storybook series which is a spinoff of the main series

      1. Yet it probably is canon if that one line from Generations is anything to go by (“No stranger than rescuing aliens from theme parks or saving genies from magic lamps.”). Then again, continuity is just a paper bag as far as Iizuka is concerned. The contents of what is “canon” will always change depending on what his mood is that day, and even then the bag itself could end up being replaced entirely without a moment’s notice. This guy is very noncommittal about the lore, it’s really weird and random what he chooses to fixate on half the time and then what he chooses to completely ignore and disregard the other half of the time. Like, “oh, the moon is still broken up by Eggman from SA2, it just happened to turn itself around so that it appears whole while in the sky these days”, and yet he will approve lines like “I still can’t believe Eggman captured a whole planet, like how can he even do that!?” despite the fact that there was clearly a game where Eggman literally captured a whole planet, WITH A FREAKING CHAIN TOO!! I mean half the blame probably lies with each writer of each game Iizuka oversees, but the fact that he oversees them still means that he has just as much responsibility with identifying inconsistencies like that.

  17. This looks amazing, its hitting all the right notes to me, if anything I’m a little wary of Zavok’s inclusion but to be fair he was the best written character in Lost World, still I would rather have Captain Whisker or Mephiles though Infinite looks kind of similar to him, also I would have Lord Ix from Sonic Chronicles but it can’t be used because of the One who must not be named.

    Also it seems this Shadow is not from another dimension but its joining Eggman for his own reasons, according to the presser.

  18. What’s not to like? All my faves back, nice to see them have some sort of role in the story- I feel they’ve been neglected in recent times.
    Like the mysterious air too? Who is infinite? Why is Shadow evil? I’m sure we’ll find out soon enough

    New art be looking fire too

    1. Yes. Obviously. Why would people be wondering why these two characters who usually aren’t villains, are villains?

  19. I am curious how this is all gonna turn out. cause like I said before the direction there going with is “all out War” but yet it wont be all out war and will have other things going on. it’s becoming very crowded.

    But again I’ll like to see where this is all going. Glad to see alot of my favs in this though. Chaos took me by surprise.

  20. Am I the only one asking why Chaos and Shadow are villains? Otherwise, it’s amazing that Shadow, Chaos, and Metal Sonic are coming back!

  21. I was beginning to have doubts over this game, literally on the basis that everyone else was doubting it. This trailer in combination with the E3 footage erased all that. It’s made me see what I’ve always seen in Sonic games… potential, used or unused. I’ve come to accept that post 3 and Knuckles (possibly Mania at this point) won’t be considered proper Sonic games or at least what most people want them to be in the community or in general. However, I’ve always enjoyed each game or facet of the series individually for different reasons. Continuity and consistency are important, I understand that and would love to see such in this series but again, on their own, each game has some merit to it.

  22. Let’s be honest… most (all?) of us will blatantly buy it but does anyone else think the art style is a bit… ALL OVER THE FUCKING PLACE??! Lol

    Green Hill and that city stage do not look like they’re part of the same game. And the super simplistic style of [Sinister Six Guy] doesn’t match Chaos or the world around him. Why didn’t he get a bit of a redesign?

    And I’m still not sure why classic Sonic is here. For me, that’s the silliest bit. Why two Sonics again? Colours didn’t need it.

    Avatar is an interesting idea though,

    1. I’mma try and make sense of this and see if it helps at all, it is just speculation though.

      Green Hill and that city stage do not look like they’re part of the same game.

      From observation, the art style is taking elements from a good few past titles. The Adventure titles were known and ill received in a few cases for having the cityscape/human world aesthetic on account of it not meshing well with ‘cartoony’ characters, a trend that carried on well up until 06. The classic games were more or less all about surreal art being a representation of the design of Sonic himself; meshing curves, loops and diverse architecture into each environment. Unleashed and Generations tried to take the best elements of both and largely succeeded, in part due to the change in design of sonic characters and human characters as well as the technology breakthrough with the Hedgehog engine, which offered baked global illumination that all objects react to, making Sonic characters specifically look like they’re in the environment they’re in.

      Lost world went in a different art direction for reasons I’m unsure of. It maxed out the cartoony look to a point where it almost didn’t fit Sonic too well. Due to those characters having an edge to them in design, they don’t entirely feel like they belong there. This may also have been in part to the Hedgehog engine not being fully optimised for the system the game was released on; Wii U and was a workaround to that problem. Lizuka also said that inspiration came from the Mario series when making the game, the likes of which does show a fair bit but is still individual to Sonic.

      Forces seems to take the best of each era and game and make it fit together as best as possible. Green Hill’s redesign is a nice middle-ground for the series based on all the previous designs, and looks much better than what we saw a month ago. Park avenue (city stage) on the other hand is more reminiscent of previous final or apocalyptic stages e.g. Crisis City (06), Final fortress (Heroes), Destroyed Station Square (Adventure), Lava Mountain (Lost World) etc. levels that without context you probably wouldn’t associate with Sonic yet still provide that high contrast in tone during the later game. The Hedgehog engine 2 seems to be going in the right direction of making the graphics on par with modern engines, while the art style is in keeping with what we know to be distinctly Sonic like.

      And the super simplistic style of [Sinister Six Guy] doesn’t match Chaos or the world around him.

      This comes from a multitude of places I think, but may be more of a character design issue overall. Zavok’s design as a character is actually decent, yet at the same time, you will have seen similar designs in other series and as such it comes off as generic. Shadow, Chaos and Metal Sonic all appeared in games where the lore of the series has already been established, so their designs keep within what we already know of the series. Chaos 0 vaguely resembles Sonic, Knuckles and facets of the Chao design, mainly around the head and limbs. Shadow is very much design wise a darker counterpart of Sonic and looks much sharper overall, selling you on the differences between them. Metal Sonic is just as much an antithesis to Sonic as Shadow. The fact that his design is more solid overall is sold by the material he’s made of, the lack of a mouth and fixed cold stare tell you the intentions immediately, His eyes show you he has a fixed goal and compared to Sonic, has no soul. Zavok was part of a game that tried to mimic a number of elements of the Mario series and character design is a part of that. Try to imagine Bowser in that same shot, it would work, if he had a mean expression but it’s still out of the norm. While it’s clear that Zavok’s design does fit into Sonic more, the basic detailing and colour scheme just comes off as flat. One has to rely on his characterisation in the game to tell you how villainous he is. If, his lower jaw was less angular and a bit shorter, give more curvature and definition adding more spikes around his body, use a darker colour for the claws and remove the eyebrows (or make them less like hair and more like protrusions), he would probably appear more demonic, a la Iblis/Mephiles and fit more into the Sonic style.

      And I’m still not sure why classic Sonic is here. For me, that’s the silliest bit. Why two Sonics again? Colours didn’t need it.

      This seems to be more relative to the plot than before I would say but it seems to be more of a test for getting 2D Sonic right on the gameplay engine their using. The physics engine from 06 onwards has been Havok physics which is a proprietary engine. They have refined it over the years but Forces by nature is still a 3D game and programming 2D gameplay on a 3D plane is a bit of a hassle, I’d say it’s improved from generations though with classic Sonic feeling a bit more weighted and responsive, it’s just the acceleration at the moment in my opinion. His reason for being there is definitely a facet of the plot but I could be wrong and it may be a case of the team thought people would want to see him again but improved.

      Avatar is an interesting idea though.

      I can agree with this. It does bring a different style of play that keeps in line with speedy action platforming, which is nice. The ability to customise may resonate with the existing fan art audience and some newcomers as well.

      Hope that provides an explanation good enough but again it is just speculation.

      Glad to hear you like it a bit.

      1. Cheers for the reply – will have a proper read later on after work. At a glance some good points!

  23. Looks like Rouge is no longer the only bat in this series. Awesome and this new villain really looks amazing, especially his ability. Kinda reminds me to Silver… speaking about Silver, he really needs to return. He was a cool character, but in a bad game.

  24. A few thoughts:

    1) That one image with Metal, Chaos, Shadow, and Zavok all standing there was super cool.
    2) It’s true Chaos and Shadow become good at the end of their respective adventure titles. But I’ve always seen/preferred them as villain characters. (so hooray for me!). Sorry if that bums some of you out, but we have plenty of hero characters already and Shadow and Chaos were very compelling villains.
    3) Visually beautiful, but level design still seems sub-par.
    4) Did anyone else realize they showed a Mobius Strip at the end! You know, like Sonic’s planet from the Archie series/ SatAm! Possible tie-in with Archie / Archie not dead?!
    5) New villian looks good. Way better than the Yetis anyway.

  25. It feels weird to see Chaos again. I know he was in Generations, but in his perfected form, so it’s odd to see him in his stable state.

  26. Still not a fan of the idiotic custom chara bs gimmick, was close to writing this off, but bringing in lots of old elements and Zavok makes me at least interested. Thought the Zeti were severly underused even tho the game was kinda eh their potential was there. Really hope they don’t force (haha) you to use a custom character, otherwise Giant Dick the Penis will be flopping about the game.

    1. Cheers! Hahahahhahahahhahahaa!!! Please share Giant Dick the Penis (the character!!!) on this website when you are eventually FORCED to make him! The avatar levels are part of the campaign so you will be forced, but I’m sure they’ll include some presets for people who aren’t interested in that.

    2. The Zeti were underused because they were terrible stereotypes with no character that have no place in the Sonic universe

      1. Stereotypes are good when used well. They kind of go hand in hand with tropes and clichés. These are the things we see often and project onto others based on societal teachings and our own experience. Zavok as a character was probably the most interesting of the Zeti hence saving him as the final boss before Eggman in Lost World.

        You may notice that a lot of characters from the Sonic series in particular are colour codes to their personalities, which may or may not be coincidental post 2008 or so. Sonic himself is a dark(ish) blue; he is a free spirit, moves fast, can be impatient and flip quickly between emotions. He was developed with a ‘stereotypical’ part time hero personality and built on from there, something you see extensively from Adventure up until the Black Knight. He talks a good game and lives a good life but even he has to slow down sometimes, maybe not for himself but for the sake and comfort of others, that’s a pretty cleaned out character as there is contrast between his normal personality and what he’s prepared to do.

        Zavok shares an interesting similarity to Shadow. Shadow is mostly black with streaks of red across his body. While this is mostly an aesthetic choice and partly plot influenced, you get a feel for who he is immediately upon seeing him. People associate black with evil and the darkness or the opposite of white which we associate with purity. We also think of blood and anger when we see red and all of these qualities and emotions are represented in Shadow, so why the change of character later on? Well, as I mentioned black is the opposite of white both at the maximum ends of the same spectrum of floor with gray inbetween. The colours that come from the splitting of shite light are the standard clouds you see and even though they can be tinted are still the same colour essentially. White black and shades of grey represent a blank canvas something that could go either way, so while the streaks of red represent one set in their ways, the black shows that he can be painted or do the painting. The fact his own path is decided shows through in much the same way.

        Zavok is different to Shadow in that he shares those clouds but is half and half of each roughly. He also has elements of yellow and blue in his design, with yellow and blue often representing grace and calm respectively. Zavok has a brooding and cold personality but has a surprisingly warm presence making him somewhat likeable. He is very much a representation of darkness with it being the main colour in his design and he does walk that path extensively and literally (his torso down is black). His horns and top of his head are black as well, while his jaw and upper body are red. One could say his want for blood and violence is what gives him his strength. I think Zavok is a decent candidate for a forces villain and that if need be, his character could be developed quite a bit, after all he may be set in his ways but he could walk any path, it’s a fifty fifty split.

        My apologies for the essay, I like analysing series like this at times.

        1. Sorry, I don’t feel like rebutting you with an essay or anything, but you are looking way too much into Zavok’s “character.”

          And the reason Sonic is blue is because he’s SEGA’s mascot. Shadow is black because he’s the dark rival to Sonic, and has red streaks to contrast Sonic ‘s blue. At least that how I see it.

  27. Interesting new villain.

    Zavok can just go screw himself, though. His presence in the story implies that the events in Lost World is indeed canon, despite the tone strongly clashing with the less goofy tone that seems to show in Forces. You can’t have both, so it’s really bizarre for him to just pop up in the game like it’s no big deal.

    also why is shadow evil

  28. Hey now; mephelis is back my dudes. Sonic team: “shit, gotta find another villain” so here’s mephelis aka infinite.
    Lmao hopefully the gameplay isn’t crap.

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