LTW: “The Next 18 Months To Be Very Big & Important For Sonic”

If you take a look at the front cover of the newest issue of Licensing Today Worldwide, you’ll see that Sonic is on it, so you’d expect a major feature right? Well… there isn’t. At least nothing that we don’t already know.

There was however one interesting line in the magazine, that being that the next 18 months are to be very important and big for Sonic.

Unfortunately, there are absolutely no details as to what this could mean. But from when this issue was published, 18 months ahead of time would put us well into December 2018. This would support the news that we brought you a few months ago that Sega had a road map of Sonic games planned for the next few years. 

Source: Licensing Today Worldwide.

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  1. I’ll say. We have one small good game in August and one huge crap game in November, with the misery of the Sonic Boom cartoon in between.

    This is make-or-break time.

    1. Why are you like this? You haven’t played Forces yet, but you’re already condemning it to shit. It might have a good story, good controls, good use of the characters, you don’t know if its a bad game. And maybe it is a good game but it’s not to your style of gameplay, doesnt mean its terrible. That’s unfair of you to condemn a game without giving it as much of a chance, it’s like me deducting you’re an asshole from this one comment. It could be true, but I don’t know for sure based off this one thing.

    2. Man, calling a game “crap” just because you’re not into it and before you’ve even played it just makes you sound like a jerk, dude.

      And say what you will, but the Boom cartoon certainly has it’s damn moments.

    3. “Small”
      Mania is longer than Generations.

      “One huge crap game IN NOVEMBER”
      I don’t think I’ll have to explain to you what’s wrong here, because other people are already doing that.
      Sonic Boom is a children’s show. It’s not intended to be to you, unless you are a child (I wouldn’t be very surprised.)

    4. Shouldn’t have to point out the problems with this comment since other people have done that already……..buuuuuuuuuut just to drive the point home:

      “One small good game”? Mania is at the very least supposed to be the length of your average Sonic game, it’s only “small” if you have a very small imagination of how to play it. As someone else already stated, it’s supposed to be around the length of Generations, if not longer, that’s pretty well within the range of a typical Sonic game length. It’s not like Sonic 4 that gets only 4-5 levels at a time, it’s getting the full 3&K treatment.

      “One huge crap game”? It’s an obvious problem, but since it’s a mistake that’s still being made, I guess I still need to point this out. We don’t have the game yet, we don’t have all the pieces, we don’t know if it’s truly as bad as so many doom-sayers are claiming it is. Here’s what we absolutely know so far. It involves Modern Sonic gameplay, Classic gameplay, and a customizable character feature. If you have particular tastes when it comes to any of those, that’s fine, that probably will affect how you enjoy or don’t enjoy the experience already. We can also discern that based on the very brief footage we’ve gotten so far that at worse, not a whole lot has been done to really push the formulas that are returning in this game (Green Hill looking “flat” as far as path design goes and the city area SO FAR not showing too much variety in alternate paths), at least assuming that what we have seen so far is enough. And that’s the thing, we have to make pretty huge assumptions here because we’ve still only seen about 12% of the game so far, for all we know the rest of the game takes a complete 180 from those points and becomes a stellar experience, or it gets even worse. Point is it feels too early to make grand sweeping statements that “this game is crap” or “it sucks” when not even enough is objectively known about it yet. It’s still fair to make cautious assessments like “based on this and this and blahblahblah…I’m not feeling too confident/comfortable with where this is going so far” or “this thing they just showed off REALLY isn’t for me, I don’t like this kind of thing”, but to come right out with an absolute before it’s even out at all is just plain ridiculous. Wait till it’s actually out and you’ve seen everything, THEN you can say it sucks all you want because at the very least you have the whole puzzle to complain about.

      “The misery of the Sonic Boom cartoon in between”? Okay, I get it, the show’s not your cup of tea. Fair enough. But again, using absolutes still feels shortsighted and doesn’t convey a whole lot of thought put into the subject you’re talking about. Saying it’s a misery is just simply easier than having to actually step back, identify what you actually have a problem with when it comes to the show, and then stating that it’s what you personally have a problem with but also identifying why other people might actually like the show. Because that’s the thing, to me and plenty of other fans, the Sonic Boom cartoon has been nothing but a delight so far. Yeah, it’s first season got off to a rocky start, but since the middle-onward, it’s been pretty consistent and spot-on with it’s humor. And for all the people that were quick to defend that “Sonic being funny should actually be a thing” as soon as praising Colors was the popular thing to do at the time, I would have thought that would have been an important strength to nail down. I can understand why maybe you wouldn’t care for the show, the action is pretty basic as far as standard TV-budget 3D animated shows get, the backdrops and background characters can get kind of bland at times, and I think at this point Kirk Thornton has voiced so many other characters that he has pretty much forgotten how to voice Shadow within the same show. And if you happen to fall on the continuity side of the whole continuity vs none debate goes, then fine, you may have never been willing to give this show a chance in the first place (still should have if that is the case, but I at least get it somewhat). But if you’re going to make that decision to basically say you don’t like the show, at the very least make the same effort I made to see the opposing view, actually acknowledge why OTHER PEOPLE might actually like this show that you do not. Don’t just call it a “misery” and be done with it as if that’s all you need to say, because there is always more you could say, especially if you just use absolutes as shortcuts in arguments like that.

      TLDR? Try a little less “seeing” and a little more “looking”, you’d be surprised how your thoughts, feelings, and opinions can evolve (not necessarily change to the opposite) if you actually look for more info instead of being satisfied with just your feeling as the only “truth” you need to be aware of.

    5. You say “the misery of the Sonic Boom cartoon” as if you’ve even watched a single Boom episode in your life.

  2. Boom cartoon is pretty awesome, especially season 2, Forces we barley got any indepth looks into, least wait till E3 when they properly show off the game.

  3. The Sonic the Hedgehog movie is supposed to come out sometime next year. Thats definitely a very big move in regards to re-establishing Sonic

      1. Sonic’s quality and reputation aside, all video game movie adaptations fall to the curse (you know the one), and I don’t think Sonic’s film will be an exception. With Marza on the team, at least it’ll look really good.

  4. Ouch guys you’re beating him up to a pulp I think he gets the idea and I’m interested to see what Sonic has in store. Maybe we’ll see a new awesome Sonic game and possibly the Sonic movie who knows next year might be the true year of Sonic. And I like to make a point by saying I feel like I’m stealing money from Sega just getting Sonic Mania, it looks like a great game but with that price I honestly feel like they deserve more since they made it just for the fans.

  5. These days, it feels like at best, Sonic succeeds so long as it aims low. I actually like the Boom cartoon, but it’s aiming low. It’s almost-exclusively a comedy that takes place almost-exclusively on one island. The boost games, I’m not a fan of, but they’re successes, but they aim low. I like what I’ve seen from Mania, but it’s nothing new for the series, even if it’s something it’s had a long break from.

    A movie is not aiming low. It might actually succeed and recover Sonic’s reputation, but if it flops it’ll probably be a huge blow, seeing as the core series doing just okay. For all the backlash the Super Mario Bros movie got, it didn’t do much to damage the reputation of the video games. Sonic’ video games, though, don’t currently have a high reputation that can endure a bad movie.

    That said, Sonic still entertains me more from a narrative standpoint these days than from a ludological one, so a piece of media without gameplay might do alright after all.

  6. With Sonic Mania and Sonic Forces coming up, this doesn’t surprise me. I don’t like the look of Forces at ALL, but it looks like the kind of thing that could capture people’s attention and seems more ambitious than Sonic has been for a while, and I can even see it possibly being a huge success even if it might not have much worth to me personally. And Mania is, well, Mania.

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