Data Discs Releasing Sonic Mania Vinyl LP

Heads up, Sonic Maniacs! If you’ve been enjoying the aural pleasures of Tee Lopes’ Sonic Mania soundtrack until now, then it’s probably a good idea to sit down. Data Discs, the UK-based vinyl company that has a good track record (heh) of releasing retro SEGA soundtracks, is preparing a vinyl release of the upcoming 2D platformer’s OST.

The soundtrack will be available to pre-order in two vinyl colours: blue and black. With previous releases (for Shenmue, OutRun, Streets of Rage among others), Data Discs had offered a ‘standard’ and ‘limited edition’ version of each product. We’re imagining the blue vinyl option will be the limited run, so keep your eyes peeled when it’s ready for ordering.

You will be able to pre-order the Sonic Mania vinyl from mid-July 2017, for £19.99, in three different forms, according to the Data Discs website:

– 180g Limited Edition (TBA), available exclusively from our site.
– 180g Translucent Blue
– 180g Classic Black

You can pre-order from the official Data Discs website, here. God speed. In the meantime, enjoy these images of the set. Check out that beautiful inner!

UPDATE: We have added a release date, pricing and new images to the post following the Data Disc site updating with the aforementioned info.

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  1. i saw “disk” and thought they finally annouced the physical release of the game.

    1. They probably will, this is just like a fun collector’s piece of merch.

      Also @ TSS staff, the pre-order link is missing from the article!

  2. Another item like the collectors edition that prob won’t release here in Aus. It’s like they hate money or something.

    1. Unlike VHS, vinyl can match the quality of FLAC digital audio, and is a much more aesthetically pleasing medium to play music on. 😉

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