Opinion Zone 65: Sonic Time Twisted Interview with creator Overbound Games!

For fans living under a rock, Sonic Time Twisted is an unofficial Sonic the Hedgehog game that has been in development as a pet project for 12 years. But unlike a lot of fan game projects, this one was finished!

To celebrate today’s release of the long awaited project, we sat down with the creator to discuss what is needed to push through to the end of such a long running piece of work. Not only that but we also discuss our thoughts on the finished project and if it is worth your time downloading! We also discover that the OST features a track very similar to another fans work in 2010, what does our (half hearted) investigation discover!?

We also cover the last weeks news in Sonic (oh my did a lot happen this week!).

Have you played the game yet? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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  1. Hi, Hinchy here, the soundtrack director. The Metal Sonic theme discussed was originally made by my longtime friend Michael Davis (known as XCubed or CubedToTheX in most places), before I made the new arrangement of it for Time Twisted. The composition was used with permission and is jointly credited to “Hinchy & Michael Davis” on the soundtrack. I’m more than a bit frustrated and upset at the allegations that I plagiarized the song. Please amend a correction. Thank you.

    1. In the episode we went to the original artist who at the time posted that he had no idea the song was used in the game and had not received a message about it (or at least couldn’t find one), however that’s awesome to see you both got in contact since that point to work on the track together! We’ll make sure in the next show to do an update on this! ?

      1. Just to be double clear, the work wasn’t done after the recent point of contact. Permission to do the new arrangement, along with the original project files, were given to me way back in 2011. He simply forgot. 😛

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