Knuckles, Amy Rose and the Chaotix Confirmed for Sonic Forces

A lot of different news on Sonic Forces has been dropping these past 24 hours, and now word from Game Informer is that Knuckles, Amy Rose and the Chaotix can be heard communicating to Sonic on the chaos going on near them via radio. This likely puts them as NPC characters rather than playable, but they are in the game in some form. Still, “Forces” usually implies armies of some sort, so it’s possible the game has characters set in groups, but that’s just a theory.

Sonic Forces will be out this holiday season on PC, Switch, Xbox One and PS4

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  1. Thank Chaos it won’t just be Sonic & Tails like in Lost World. Sure they work well together but it felt so monotone throughout. What improves NPC interactions is the variety of characters that Sonic gets to play off; banter with Knuckles, flirting from Amy & the childish annoyance that can only be provided by Charmy.

  2. I’m so glad to hear characters other than the usual Tails, Knuckles and Amy are in game. Hopefully these characters have more involvement in the gameplay and story as well.

  3. It’s more than likely that Tails is in this too, and I’m personally hoping for some more characters to help bring this resistance some more muscle, even if it is in NPC form. Shadow, Rouge, and Omega would definitely be a nice sight for sore eyes, especially if it might confirm whether or not Shadow is still part of GUN in this timeline or not (they never bothered to address that at any point and if Pontac and Graff are involved, odds are they don’t even know what GUN is).

    If he is, it would be a great opportunity to bring back GUN as a force (get it?) of the world not to be messed with. And I mean it makes sense, why wouldn’t you have special operations unit of the world be fighting against an invading Eggman Empire? I mean, unless this takes place after Eggman somehow defeated GUN, but again, this is assuming competent writers are involved on this project.

    Anyway, I’m also hoping for other mainstays of the series to make a return, particularly Metal Sonic (he’d make a great boss), Cream & Cheese, Big (I mean, I’m pretty sure all of this carnage would get in the way of his fishing, it’d make sense for him to help out. Plus, we haven’t really gotten much mileage out of his new voice actor so far anyway, it wouldn’t hurt since he’s not playable), and especially Silver and Blaze. I want to see the two of them teaming up and kicking butt like the old days if possible. I mean, you could even throw in a good joke about them being in this chaotic city setup and why it seems so “familiar” to them somehow.

    That’d be the bare minimum of who I would want to see returning in this game. And even if they’re just in an NPC role, as long as the writing allows them to make actual contributions to the story I don’t mind not having to play them. Which is why, SEGA, I am really urging you to either replace Ken Pontac and Warren Graff with a much more competent writer or two who would be better at writing a story much more fitting of this setup, OR get Pontac and Graff to actually get their shit together and make a damn good story that works for this game and actually take the time to research anything about Sonic’s history that might be relevant to this scenario (again, if both GUN and Shadow are in this story, is Shadow still working for GUN, and other relevant questions like that). Don’t let them mess this up like they did with Colors, and Generations, and especially Lost World and Rise of Lyric! But I’d much rather that you replace them with someone better.

  4. You know what would be interesting? Seeing the Babylon Rogues in Forces. Maybe as a boss fight where Eggman sends them as mercenaries to stop Sonic, Sonic, and New Guy?

    1. Or New GIRL! Only thing is that New Girl can’t be naked, because there are gender-based standards! Remember, like Robin and Corrin from the Fire Emblem games, New Guy could be New Girl!

  5. This really bums me out.. What’s the point in calling it “Forces” if there’s only 3 playable characters? I wanted these guys to return. I don’t care if they’re optional, or play to similarly to Sonic, but please bring back the other characters in playable form! I’m tired of waiting for them to finally return. I dont’ like having to spend money on a full game, just to have it’s length and variety pale in comparison to the amount of replay value in the Sonic Adventure games.

    1. Don’t like it, trade it in as soon as you beat it, and DON’T Buy the DLC! That’s what I did with Sonic and the Black Knight. I bought it, I beat it a day after, and I traded it in towards Super Mario Galaxy 2! WAHOO!

  6. Well, we’re never gonna get the Freedom Fighters of the Archie Comics series, because Sonic Spinball was NEVER canon to the main games! So, no Sally for you, or Antoine, or Rotor, or even Bunnie Rabbot for that matter, or even Sonic’s Uncle Chuck! Because the guys at Archie would demand money for their characters being used.

      1. They do. A lot of people do. ‘Cause they like the SatAM characters. For they have character and SoJ characters…don’t.

        As far as I can tell in the mangled web that is the Sonic legal aspect, I think SEGA DO own the Archie (well, the ones that Penders couldn’t steal) and SatAM characters to some extent; they’d have to for advertising purposes. So they COULD add them into the game if they wanted to and if the comics went away…which they seem to be. But they don’t want to. Don’t like cross-contaminating their sub-franchises, I think.

        Though that didn’t stop Sticks from turning up in one of those Olympics crossovers, so what do I know…

        1. Well, it’s not like Sally Acorn would be crying like Princess Zelda in one cutscene of Breath of the Wild! This will alienate people away from Sonic, or make them grow up.

          Sorry, it’s just that the SEGA Forums have been hit by Korean Spam Bots, a lot, and temporarily, I can’t access it.

  7. I’m curious if the voice actors’ Sonic Boom TV performance will be different from their performances now.

  8. I miss actually playing as the other Sonic characters. At least they brought some variety to the series, in gameplay and personality.

    1. Same. That being said I wish this game focused exclusively on Modern Sonic and all the other modernized characters instead of having to share the game with Classic Sonic who has his own game tailored to him.

  9. What if the “Forces” title was referring to a gameplay aspect where Sonic’s friends run through some stages’ sections along side him (kind of like Heroes, but as NPC), breaking terrain to open up alternate pathways (in the case of Knuckles, Vector or E-123 Omega), giving him leg-ups to get to high up places (Tails, Big, Silver or Cream), or just generally helping him fight his way through the level (Blaze, Amy, Shadow, Espio)? I’d totally be down for something like this, since it would be a nice extension of Generations’ companion missions. It would have to be done passively though, not “Press X to do Y”.

  10. Something smells funny…oh I know. It’s the smell of potential DLC for this game!!! When SEGA sees our demand for more playable characters then they have to make them as DLC! Plus if the game does get glitches then the game will be patched! Im still hyped for this game!

  11. And again, no possibility to play Rouge or Shadow. I really miss those two characters *sighs

  12. I want the Babylon Rogues, especially Jet, to show up in the Main Games for once instead of being stuck with the spinoffs.

    Give them new abilities too so they aren’t just good at riding air boards.

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