Archie delays upcoming Sonic comics again, doesn’t solicit Sonic for May

Fans of Archie’s Sonic comic series will be waiting awhile longer to get their next Sonic comic fix. According to the website Previewsworld, which posts solicitations for upcoming comic books, the next issues of both Sonic the Hedgehog and Sonic Universe have been delayed again to April and beyond.

Sonic the Hedgehog #291, originally scheduled for late January before being delayed to March 1, then March 22, is now arriving in stores April 26. Sonic Universe #95 will be shipping on April 12, three whole months after the last issue. Of course, these delays have also affected subsequent issues, with Sonic #292 shipping on May 24 and Sonic Universe #96 shipping on May 10.  The solicitations for the remaining issues have yet to be altered, but they will no doubt be changed eventually to reflect these delays.

Today, it seems even these dates may not be set in stone; while in the past Archie has re-solicited delayed comics, their recently released May solicits did not feature any Sonic comics, new or old.

Things have been rocky for Archie’s Sonic comics these last few months. In addition to these delays, subscriptions for the comics became (and remain) unavailable, which we first reported back in January. The exact cause of all this remains unclear, as Archie staff have remained mum throughout all of this.

Sources: Comic Vine, Previews World

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  1. I’ve been curious what was going on with this debacle, since my Comixology subscriptions have been saying I won’t be expecting either comic till Christmas of this year for a good long month or two, and was very confused what was going on with the comics to begin with.

  2. Mabey Ian Flynn could be working on Project Sonic 2017, as he teased it. It like when sonic 3 remastered and sonic megamix were cancelled or indefinite hiatus, and we all thought taxman and stealth were doomed but then it turns out they were busy on sonic mania.

  3. If it does go down. Maybe IDW Comics will get the rights? 🙂

    And I still blame Ken Penders for this.

  4. They should just outright hold a press conference confirming it: The Sonic Comics will be discontinued, NOT on Hiatus, like you would believe! That way, a bulk of us can save our money towards… IMPORTANT things, like underwear!

    1. I mean, it’s not like they would make it so that a Final Story from Archie basically has a worried Sonic, sitting in his office, and the situation would be the same as the ending for Daffy Duck’s Quackbusters, but with Sonic thinking about suing Ken Penders, the way he ruined the continuity and Mega Man’s chances in Comics! Then he’d realize he was misinformed, and shift the blame to Sticks the Badger, making her the perfect patsy, since nobody believes her! And with the dishonesty in business affairs, he’d lose the last bit of fortune, and Jughead would deliver a singing telegram telling him he’s out of the comics business with them! And with furniture taken, and the building condemned, he ends up riding on the Wrecking Ball of the Egg Mobile H! Just like the ending of Quackbusters!

    1. And all because an chapter name (not the chapter, the chapter NAME) made a pun that you, yourself, didn’t like.

      A damn shame that 10+ years of work have to go down the drain just because of a single issue.

      1. It wasn’t just that single title, FFS. That’s not enough to want this all to die. That’s petty, and accusatory.

        No, the reason I want Archie to end because there is nothing else it can do now. It has struggled along for years now, hatchet half-buried in neck, because of Pender’s lawsuit and SEGA’s reaction. They’ve removed a lot of potential that the comic could have had, and it is little more than a hollow shell that’s spinning it’s wheels when there’s nothing ahead of it.

  5. I had the opportunity to ask Evan Stanley about the matter. While she couldn’t say anything directly about it, she is sure that whatever’s going on will probably work out okay, and she still has plans for future storylines, involving Silver at least. That much tells me that they aren’t at a creative standstill, they can still plan and write things out, so whatever this is is most likely publishing related only. That said, there’s still a chance it could be tied in to the court case or there’s some other corporate goings-on at play here, but point is that as far as one of the writers are concerned, things might not be as bad as we think.

  6. This is like when a girl you’re dating suddenly starts growing more and more cold and unresponsive before she breaks up with you

  7. Okay I went to my local comic book store for the Coast to Coast Comic Con.

    Now during the Archie Comics segment of the Live Stream Broadcast they didn’t talk about the Sonic The Hedgehog comic book series, but it was mentioned that the reason for the delays in their comic books is due their focus on the Riverdale TV series. So I seriously doubt that they would cancel the Sonic Comic Series.

  8. I just wish Archie themselves would make a public statement about the future of the comics.
    Just address that there will be a delay/hiatus, even if you don’t give a reason.
    And don’t lie about it, either. I mean, I understand that you’re trying to do damage control if the comics are ending, or being considered to end, but the damage will be more if you lie about it, telling us there’s a hiatus when it’s confirmed to end, or saying it’s on a short break when there’s a possibility of it not returning.

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