Tomy 2017 Catalogue Reveals More Boom and Classic Merchandise

The first images from the Tomy 2017 toy catalogue are beginning to surface, and show that their Sonic the Hedgehog license is set to continue well into next year.

The new ranges include merchandise for modern, classic and Boom lines:

  • Sonic Boom clip on “emoji” figure key chains
  • Sonic Boom “emoji” plush series
  • Sonic Boom 3″ Metallic figures
  • Sonic Boom 3″ Space suit” figures
  • Classic 3″ black & white/transparent figures
  • Classic / Modern 3″ figure comic packs
  • Classic 3″ figure collectors packs (ring variant and 16-bit variant)
  • Classic / Modern 8″ plush assortments

Fans many recognise the emoji series from the “chibi” style of merchandise that has recently seen a release in Japan, and will be pleased to see such a large variety of different expressions that will be available.

Some may be disappointed that a large number of the “new” figure packs are either repackaged or repainted figures that are currently available. Inexplicably, there appears to be Space suit figure line in the works, similar to those that were released during Sonic X’s heyday. At time of writing, it does not appear that these figures tie-in with any Sonic Boom episodes.

Many thanks to Justin Shayne Todd for the Tomy catalogue images.

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  1. Oh look….Sonic, Tails, Knuckles……again and again….and again.

    This is why I save up for the F4F statues. Yeah they’re expensive, but they’re a Hell of a lot more impressive than this stuff. If these nick-knacks cost anywhere between $7-$10 USD each (or more if they’re in sets), then foregoing all of them saves you a huge chunk of change towards something more worthwhile…and with some re-sale value.

  2. It’s cool that tomy is making more SegaSonic figures to go along with Sonic Boom figures (SegaSonic is better than Sonic Boom IMO)

  3. Yay, more Boom stuff. Hooray…

    *sigh* No thank you. I’ve had enough of Boom and it’s “made-to-sell-toys” feeling, so all this can sod off.

    Oh, and I think the space figures tie into the second episode of the second season of Boom. Can’t remember, something about a meteor.

  4. Ooooh. Super excited to see some Modern figures finally! I really hope they’re just as fantastic as the Classic figures. The Boom emoji whatevers also interest me a bit. All I ask are good articulated figures of all of the current Modern cast… Rouge and Cream finally please.

  5. Just make more figures. This stuff is getting old. Where’s rouge the bat? Where’s cream the rabbit? Where’s the modern figures? This is why I prefer Jazwares. Yes, the quality of their figures are shit, but at least they make their figures frequently and different all the time.

  6. Yeah more sonic boom merchandise I can’t wait for the new sonic boom plushes and figures

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