Sonic Talk 41: How Are The Puppies Having Puppies?!!

What kind of crazy world does Sonic Boom belong to where less than a week old puppies can be impregnated and give birth?!! A sick, #$@%ed-up world, that’s what!! Join GX, Jason and Alex (who’s too dang far from his mic so I apologize for his audio in advance) as they discuss the new 2nd season of Sonic Boom, the other animated series based on a video game Skylanders Academy, new Sonic merchandise, Jason’s trip to the Playstation Experience, Titanfall 2, Pokemon Sun and Moon and much, much more!

…..The gestation period alone makes no sense!!

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  1. Who cares how it happened? it’s hilarious. It’s no stranger than having a super fast blue hedgehog, a hammer swinging pink hedgehog, a two tailed inventor fox who can fly, an orange and brown feral badger with a boomerang, and a buff red echidna.

  2. Its just a joke in the show….

    also it’s more likely they got more puppies and pretended that happened for the news story in the show. it’s kinda mocking how we cant trust the news.

    TV is the greatest brainwashing device.

  3. The puppies are having puppies come over to live at the mayor’s office.

    (They never explicitly said “gave birth”, so why don’t you try and think of something better.)

    1. At the end, they said “It’s been one day since the puppies’ puppies gave birth to puppy grandpuppies!” Your argument is invalid.

  4. It’s a conspiracy, man!
    SEGA has a grip on the government!
    Feeding us a bunch of lies, man…

    That would be something Sticks would probably say.

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