Sonic X Kidrobot Blind Box Figures and Keychains Now Available

Following hot on the heels of the vinyl figure diorama, Kidrobot have released their range of “blind box” Sonic the Hedgehog figures and keychains! Sonic has previously enjoyed success in vinyl form with the limited run of figures produced in the Funko Pop! line, although only Sonic, Tails and Knuckles made it into figurine form. Now, Kidrobot have gone the full hog, and produced two different product lines which includes a 14 different figures in the 3″ figure range, and 18 different keychain figurines.

The images featured on the Kidrobot site display impressive detail on all of the models, and classic fans will be pleased to see incarnations of some of their favorite Badniks, including Octis and Coconuts, finally making it into figurine form!

Each figure comes packaged in a “blind box” as is common with many vinyl figure lines, meaning that the figure that is purchased is random (unless you have x-ray vision!), with some figurines being more common than others; those looking to collect the entire set will need to be prepared to collect duplicates, find fellow collectors to trade with, or be prepared to pay a premium for specific figures.

The 3″ figures retail for $9.99 from the Kidrobot site, while the smaller keychains retail for $5.99.

Check out the entire series in the gallery below!

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  1. Oh my god! Now these I’m into!

    They sort of remind me of the Sonic & Knuckles collectables from ’94, except the paint job looks great! (’94 the ’94 ones looks like they were painted by a small bird holding a brush in it’s beak).

    Anyway, anyone know the best place to acquire these in Britain?

        1. The reason we’re getting so much nostalgia is because that’s where SEGA feels safest. When they try something new, most of the time it’s an epic fail. When they exploit the classics they make a tone of cash.
          Shame really.

          1. Sega should have never ditched these badniks in the first place. The design and enemies should have stayed consisent in the way that Nintendo have dealt with Mario. It’s great to see the badniks back in place of those orange things with swords, aliens and policemen.

        2. Its Sonic 25th Anniversary their just celebrating.

          Plus Classic Sonic is where Sonic did the best success, Mania is getting tons of gamers and non-gamers interested in Sonic again.

          No one besides the fan base cares for modern Sonic etc.

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