Sonic Boom Season 2 To Officially Premiere on Boomerang, Episode 2 Brought Forwards

Bear with us folks, we’ll work it out someday.

A couple of bits of news that go hand in hand, and it seems to be good news for fans of the show! First up, SEGA have announced that Sonic Boom season 2 will officially premiere this Saturday, November 12th. It even comes with a nifty timeslot; 6pm ET.

The new episodes will then be replayed on Cartoon Network the following week. It does raise questions of why the first episode of the season managed to get a showing back in October if the planned start was around now, but that’s a mystery only Cartoon Network know the answer to.

The second piece of news is an update to the episode 2 listing we reported on earlier in the month. The initial airdate for Spacemageddonocalypse has been updated and it is now slated to air on November 19th, with the third episode, titled “Nutwork”, instead airing on its previous airdate of December 3rd. Still quite a gap, but at least it’s not quite a month, eh?

If there are any more significant updates to the schedule, we’ll keep you lot posted.

Sources: PR Newswire, Zap2It

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  1. Being a Brit myself that’s great. Shame I don’t have Sky, Virgin Media or TalkTalk TV though so I can’t really access Boomerang myself.

    1. Pretty sure this all just refers to the American stations, there’s not been a peep on how UK CN/Boomerang are going to air it, or even when.

      1. Must of miss read… My bad… Sonic Boom has been shown on the UK version of Boomerang and from what I’ve read on past articles here Sonic Boom had high ratings on Boomerang UK even though they did a bit of screwing (They did the first 13 episodes on a endless loop thingy). Good to know Boomerang US is showing it about a reasonable time then.

  2. Wait, why Boomerang? Isn’t that supposed to be for classic cartoons or reruns? I know that they’ve been airing some previous episodes from still on-going shows, but now they’re actually premiering stuff on there!? What’s the point of doing that? You may as well rebrand it as “CN2” or something because Boomerang has pretty much lost it’s initial purpose at this point. And again, why on you subnetwork and not your main channel? I mean, I get that Sticks uses a boomerang, but that can’t possibly be the connection here, could it?

    Well, in any case, I am still looking forward to these episodes, especially if we’ll get stuff like more game characters.

    1. That’s exactly it, it should be called something else. They advertise they’re the only network that has The Flintstones but who honestly cares when they show it at 3:00 in the morning?

      1. That’s what I don’t like about this current administration at CN. Sure, they aren’t making dumb live action shows anymore, but they’re still doing everything possible to try and distance themselves from their legacy. At least Nick has a whole 90’s channel that’s devoted to airing shows that made them popular in the first place, why is Cartoon Network so committed to changing everything or outright replacing everything altogether without at least some link to it’s past. The least they could do at this point is acquire another channel and devote THAT to all of their older programming, Hanna Barbera, Warner, and CN classics and everything that made them great before Adventure Time came and saved their asses.

  3. I am not happy about having to wait a week later to see it on CN. U spend $30 a month for my PS View subscription, and I am not wasting $100 a month, just to have access to Boomerang. Screw Cartoon Network…

  4. That’s a greatest idea for Sega moving Sonic Boom season 2, to Boomerang not Cartoon Network.??

  5. Biggest improvement here is the timeslot. 6 in the evening is much more manageable than 6 in the morning.

    1. Not really. Not many people have access to Boomerang so it doesn’t receive nearly as many ratings and viewership as their main channel. It’s like they’re purposely trying to set it up to fail, which is counterproductive.

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