Sonic Boom Season 2 on Hiatus For a Month

Not great news for fans of the show, I can say that much.

After last week’s airing of season 2’s first episode, things have been a bit quiet about subsequent episodes. Now we have some official TV listings to shed light on the situation, and it’s a mixed bag.

The second episode is confirmed to be Spacemageddonocalypse, which was previously previewed at the 25th anniversary event back in July. However, the episode will not air until December 3rd, which makes a gap of over a month considering the first episode aired on October 29th. Following a lack of advertisements, perhaps an even worse time slot than last season and less than stellar ratings for last week’s episode, this isn’t going to really help ease things for those who want the show to do well. But that’s discussion for another time.

Source: Zap2It

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  1. Can’t say I’m surprised, I thought the new seasons would take much longer to arrive. I was taken aback when I saw YouTube recommend me the episode. What I’m saying is YT did better advertising than CN.

    1. Teen Titans GO! is one of the popular Cartoon Network searches on YT taking 17/20 video searches. just try it.

    2. That just goes to show how lazy CN has been getting lately. If the period of time between 2008-2012 can be seen as the period where they took too many risks (or even 2014, depending on who you ask), this current era is just showing how too safe they’re trying to be with a lot of their programming.

      Only the shows that have made them really successful in the past are getting any promotion (so if you ain’t Adventure Time, Gumball, or Regular Show, you’re in trouble), and in whatever other category it fits in (successful, unsuccessful but still there anyway?) Teen Titans GO still gets the best promotion out of any program (seriously, WTF?), and one of the only new series they have so far is a recreation of a classic series without any of the thought and attention the original had (PPG if that’s not clear enough). And even then they still injected it with the same style of “tweens think this is funny, right?” humor and dialogue that is present in most of their other shows already so it doesn’t “stand out” in any significant way. And yet when they’re presented with the opportunity to make a KND sequel series, they say no and go ahead and bring back PPG and Samurai Jack anyway, but at least one of those actually has it’s original creator on board.

      I don’t like to blind myself with rose-tinted glasses too much, but this really goes to show how this current regime at CN falls somewhere between how great they were in the 90’s-early 2000’s and how low they sunk in the 2008-2012 era. They aren’t doing nearly as good of a job of promoting all of their shows (good or bad) as they did back in their first 10-16 years, but on the other hand they aren’t making as dumb decisions as adding live action shows and game shows to their lineup like they did before Snyder was kicked out. CN isn’t as bad is it could be, but it sure as hell could be a lot better.

      1. Aw, there was going to be a new Codename: Kids Next Door?! That’s just rubbing salt in the wound!

        1. Oh man, don’t tell me you missed that whole “Stop the G:KND” promotional stunt, did you!? XD”

          Yeah, basically the creator of the show, Tom Warburton, is interested in continuing the series with a sequel series and tried to generate enough hype with a voiced animatic of a proposed scene focusing on Numbuh 1 and Chad and a few other unseen characters that had a bit of a serious tone to it. It succeeded in generating a lot of worldwide fan hype, but unfortunately for some reason the main people in charge at CN didn’t think there would be enough interest within the network to support the show’s creation…you know, right before announcing the new PPG and Samurai Jack shows…freaking hypocrites.

          Anyway, CN owns the rights to the show, being a CN original, so it’s not like Tom can just go to Netflix or something and make the show there. Since then Tom has still been expressing interest in someday making the show and has been urging everyone to keep the dream alive until one day CN’s arm can be twisted enough to allow it to happen. The only question is whether it will happen with this current administration or if somebody will have to be replaced in order for it to even get greenlit at all.

      2. You pretty much hit the nail on the head with this assessment of their declining quality of CN. Say what you want about Nick or Disney XD, but when they recognize a good thing, they go out of their way to advertise it (unless it’s a serious action show; networks are allergic to drama now)

        I notice you didn’t mention a certain *other* hit series that CN both celebrates and treats like it’s closeted step-child on random occasion. Though given their outrageous & bizarre fanbase, perhaps that’s why CN is keeping their distance; Those “guys/gals/whatever” make the Sonic fan base look like a society of enlightened scholars discussing philosophy in a French salon.

        1. You mean Steven Universe? Yeah it’s one of the greater shows they have that they just don’t know how to properly promote for some reason. I can’t speak too well about how the fanbase is now that it’s had some time to settle into things after all these years, as really I’m only in it as far as loving the show and that’s it. I don’t really get too into all of the “here’s what my character would look like” or “here’s a hypothetical fusion of…”, let alone all of the theories out there that I could honestly care less about (I feel like a lot of the people starting theories for SU are pretty green, like I’m almost convinced half of the game theorists or Sonic theorists could make up better more compelling theories if they wanted to).

          But I don’t think the fanbase has anything to do with it. That would suggest that CN is actually listening outside of their main offices, which they evidently don’t do too much these days. I’m sure that most of the fans have settled down by now though…hopefully. I mean, remember when everyone got so obsessed with the Brony fanbase, and even before that the Sonic fanbase? Now we’re all just kind of accepted into the collective of occasionally loud and angry voices on the internet, mostly because there’s always some new target for everybody to be “shocked” at for existing. It’s only a matter of time before SU’s fanbase fades into the collective of “fandom” (if it isn’t already) and some new fanbase comes along to russle everyone’s jimmies.

    1. If I were to hazard an out of nowhere guess, I would say that they saw how Nickelodeon mismanaged Legend of Korra and want to avoid complicating their shows like that.

    1. CN pretty much still operates on a random idea generator that determines whether they will make a good decision or a bad one. The only difference these days is that they removed “make another dumb live action show” as an option.

  2. Well, this sounds pretty lame indeed. ‘-.-‘
    Just like when SEGA unfairly fired Jason Adam Griffith and Lisa Ortiz from their best Sonic roles in 2010… X(

  3. Cartoon Network is becoming corporate with Teen Titans GO! like Nickelodeon With Spongebob Squarepants.

  4. Oh for the love of god, SERIOUSLY!? CN is flat out trying to KILL this show!

    I’m kinda surprised that the Sonic Twitter hasn’t taken any shots at CN at this point…

    1. Sonic’s twitter would have to give a crap about the show in the first place. They didn’t even mention the premiere!

      1. Yeah, can’t be off the rails with everyone I’m afraid. As long as you’re criticizing a company that isn’t endorsing you whatsoever, you’re just fine.

  5. Jesus. As someone who actually wants Sonic Boom to succeed, this is fucking horrible.

  6. I was expecting a new episode today, instead i get fucking teen titans go! WHYYYYYYYY
    Like people dont know how much i love this show and now their making me wait anoter month!

  7. The hell, what was the point of even premiering the first episode last week then!? Seriously CN, if you’re not going to put something on hiatus, don’t tease people with the first episode before you do that!! Ugh, I owe a lot of my childhood to this channel, but it’s boneheaded maneuvers like this that make me really question just what the heck is going on in the upstairs department anyway. XP

  8. Season 2 just started and we only get one episode until December????

    I guess we shouldn’t be surprised because the first episode was lame…. I mean who the heck cares about Tommy Thunder!

    1. Almost all the characters in the show aparently. He kinda reminds me of Captain Quark from Ratchet and Clank.

    2. CN has weird tastes in which episodes of any series they air first. They almost always air things out of order. It’s especially frustrating here since Sonic Boom doesn’t really follow an established continuity, so they literally could have picked from any of a number of already produced episodes that would have been far more appealing for a season premier than this one. It honestly just felt like an extra episode of season 1, especially with this hiatus going on, and that’s coming from someone who likes this show.

  9. If they cancel it, then this confirms my conspiracy theory that Cartoon Network hates Sonic Boom, and would rather Sonic Boom be successful the way Danger Mouse is: as an Online-Exclusive Series in America. I’m referring to the new series, which, unlike other reboots like Teen Titans Go or PowerPuff Girls, is actually BETTER with age! I still say this to any naysayers: Penfold, shush!

  10. What the fudge I just didn’t see that happening right now today now I’m sad a lot straight up not watching Sonic Boom Season 2 episodes anymore this is a disaster! Totally terrorist or maybe Sega kinda scheduled Sonic Boom Season 2 on April Fools? Unleast Modern Sonic fans & Classic Sonic fans are excited so much to throw Sonic Boom franchise, throw away far belong.

  11. Normally when a Broadcaster etc, isnt fond of a show they try to put it on a time slot that not many people will watch so it will have poor ratings to get it cancelled.

    Its just how the industry works sadly. its like how Oddworld Abe’s exoddus for the PSone the publisher wanted it to flop so kept most copies of the game at its warehouse so it wouldnt sell well. I got told that when I met the creator at Eurogamer.

      1. They’re trying to “Save us from Sonic Boom,” by ruining it on purpose. You might as well have Beast Boy beat up Sonic in LEGO Dimensions, and obnoxiously dance as either a gorilla or a cat!

          1. I’d prefer Sonic Boom over Teen Titans GO any day. At least one’s trying to be different without trying to directly offend the fans of the original material. Say what you will about things like a more passive Eggman or simpleton Knuckles, at least they aren’t outright saying “Oh, you liked the original Sonic do ya? Well you’re stupid and immature and are stuck in the past. Now let’s make fart jokes!”

  12. My only concern for Season 2 is that one of the episode descriptions supposedly lists Blaze the Cat as making an appearance which means… She will probably be added to Sonic Boom Dash and we still wont get Metal Sonic…
    Also hoping Boom Commentaries will return ~

    1. Woah woah woah, what? What description says that? I’d love to see Blaze make a Boom appearance!

      1. Same here, where did it say that? You’d think that this site would have mentioned that if that happened.

        1. i was going through tumblr and saw an episode summery for later in the season – it mentions Amy Rose asking Blaze for help with a meteor problem.

  13. Maybe the first episode was released “on accident”, and the CN has a lot of advertising planned for when the show was supposed to start, which would have been December. That would explain the almost out-of-nowhere release of the first episode.

  14. I think CN isn’t promoting or Doing much with Sonic Boom because they don’t care about it and they want it to die. Thats why they give it a bad timeslot and no promotion. But in other countries (Canada for example), It gets all the promotion and make it come on like 4 times a day.

  15. I have no idea why Cartoon Network won’t air sonic boom any sooner, heck even boomerang airing the second season sooner! The 2nd episode of the 2nd season airs on Cartoon Network supposedly on dec. 3rd but boomerang is airing it on nov. 19… good job boomerang! Thanks for at least caring about sonic boom!

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