Happy Hallowe’en! Check Out Our Ghoulish Seasonal Roundup!

Hallowe’en comes but once a year, and is all too quickly pushed to one side on November 1st in favour of the more festive Holiday season. But we at TSS like to celebrate the event – as evidenced by our funky new look. You like it?

TSS Halloween Design 2016

On this page, you’ll be able to find quick links to all the news and community posts we’ve made this year to celebrate the occasion, from prickly pumpkins to spooky soundtracks and merciless merch! We’ll update this roundup post if anything happens over the holiday that’s worthy of your vicious viewing.

We have also included some legacy content here too, including stencils for carving out your own Sonic Pumpkins. Have fun, and from all of us at TSS, have a great time Trick or Treating!

Fun Stuff From Our Vault


Hero: Halloween T-Shirt

Get Into The Halloween Spirit With A Spooky New Sonic T-Shirt
New apparel alert! If you take a trip to Amazon US, you can get yourself an official Sonic T-Shirt that’s as every bit scary as it is funky.


Sonic Boom Season 2 is Listed to Premiere on October 29th
Hold on to your butts. By now, the new season of the Sonic Boom TV show should have already started. What a treat for Hallowe’en, eh?

Community Highlights


Mash-Up Monday: The Jesters of Pumpkin Hill
One of the greatest Hallowe’en songs of all time (Pumpkin Hill, obviously) is mashed up with Final Fantasy IX’s ‘Jesters of the Moon’ track. Definitely worth a listen!


Sonic Show: Dr. Eggman Carving Pumpkin – Time Lapse
The bad boys at The Sonic Show have taken one of Rally’s pumpkin stencils above and made their own Eggman carving. Check it out by clicking the link above!


Sound Test Saturday: Spooky Scary Mystic Mansion
Fancy listening to some haunting tunes? Vizard has you covered, with a collection of fan-made songs inspired by the creepiest levels in Sonic history.


The Sonic Theorist Explores How Eggman Earns the Money to Support His Evil Empire
Since it’s Hallowe’en, why not spotlight one of the most villainous doctors in video games? YouTuber The Sonic Theorist goes in depth as to how Eggman could possibly afford to build and maintain all of his robots.

Never Forget

This is the reason we’re all here, isn’t it? Obligatory Meme Activate!

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