Freak-Out Friday: If Mario & Sonic Switched Personalities, Plus Photoshop Contest

What has been said about Mario and Sonic that hasn’t already been said, aside from their bitter history, them being brawl buddies and Olympic sportsmen, and their tentative crossover potential? How about if their personalities were switched, if everything that Mario “Mario” and Sonic “Sonic” were traded?

For today’s Freak-Out Friday, voice actor SungWon “ProZD” Cho and artist Angus McLeod prove to us once and for all that nothing is sacred. Check out the result after the jump, as well as details on our brand new Photoshop Contest!

Found any other potential Sonic “Freak-Outs” out there on the web? Maybe you’d like to share one of your own creations? If so, you can reach us via any of the following to see your choice on the next Freak-Out Friday:

And now, the moment we’ve all been waiting for since the previous (and our very first) round: the October 2016 edition of the Sonic Stadium Photoshop Contest! Today’s theme is:

~Let’s Give Him Something to Cry About~


This crying Sonic was pulled straight from the first episode of Sonic Underground (at least according to US airdates); right as Sonic’s foster parents were being captured by Robotnik’s forces to be Roboticized, his adoptive father sends the teary-eyed blue hedgehog to Uncle Chuck’s for safety and sees him rev off for one last time.

What if Sonic had something else—and here’s the beauty of it: almost anything else—to cry about? That’s where you come in!

The rules are as follows!

  • Photoshop is not required – any kind of image manipulation software will do!
  • Submit your entries to us in the SSMB thread (ideally), share them in the comments below, or reach out to us via our Facebook or Twitter (be it with replies or direct messages)!
  • No more than two entries per person!
  • Most importantly, keep it tasteful with no offensive material of any kind!

The deadline is Thursday, October 27th at 11:59pm BST (7pm EST, 4pm PST), and your entries will be shown off the next day. Happy ‘shopping, and see you in two weeks!

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  1. Gotta go… pretty quick

    Thank God Sonic was never meant as another generic mascot character like Mickey Mouse with a “kid friendly personality” and “chipper soulless happy pappy attitude”!

    1. Mickey Mouse wasn’t meant as that, either.

      He -became- that over time, which was partly because he put the company on the map (and why would you not then ride that train), partly because writing and standards and Disney himself changed over the twenty-five years he was in regular film, and partly because he totally disappeared from film for the next thirty years after, and only debuted again in the early 1980s, at which point you can imagine the total cultural shift. (Imagine trying to keep a character nuanced if you’re not bothering to using them as a character entirely.)

      But his first cartoon infamously has him trying to scare Minnie in order to get her to kiss him by doing dangerous plane stunts while she’s in the back.

      1. Kinda true. Walt had always thought those early days with Mickey where harmless fun, but he never wanted Mickey to be as edgy as his senior Felix the Cat or his junior Bugs Bunny. As soon as Mickey became a household name, Walt did what you said and made him into a more friendlier mascot character. Mickey still had some cockyness about him near the 40’s as seen in “The Brave Little Tailor” and “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice” but by the 50’s, he became the all-American, harmless corporate mascot character everyone associates Mickey with. it was because at that time, Walt Disney wanted his studio to be viewed as wholesome family entertainment – a mentality which unfortunately, nearly ran him out of business in the 60’s and 70’s.

        I’m so glad the new internet shorts brought back Classic Mickey and his edge to a new generation. Everyone should check them out.

        As for Sonic echoing Mickey’s development, while thankfully, Sonic never developed a “chipper soulless happy pappy attitude”, he did lost much of his edge and became much more “kid-friendly” near the end of the Saturn and from SA1 onward. Mostly because of the switch to the Japanese canon, where Sonic was a more heroic figure than his more rebellious American and British counterparts.

        I’m not sure, but I think Sonic got a bit of his bite back around Unleashed and definitely when Pontac & Graft got a hold of him.

  2. Sonic has already switched places with Mario technically going by the plots/lines of games since Colors and the way Lost World was designed.

    Now we just need a game with Mario skateboarding through a city and we’re even. lol

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