New Footage of Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice Gives Us Another Look at Bot-Racing

There’s not much time before the launch of Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice for the Nintendo 3DS. Come the end of September, Sonic fans in the West can get their hands on the third playable instalment of the Sonic Boom series, helmed by Shattered Crystal developer Sanzaru Games as the studio aims to improve where the previous game went wrong – with SEGA going so far as to delay it by a whole year as part of their pledge to aim for a higher standard of quality for all of their games from here on out.

SEGA of Japan recently hosted a near-two hour long livestream showing off several of their upcoming games, including the latest Yakuza, the recently revealed Puyo Chronicle, and Atlus’ highly anticipated Persona 5, but not without kicking things off with a sneak peek at the localized Sonic Toon: Fire & Ice. Gameplay featuring Sonic, Knuckles, and Sticks was shown off in the segment, as well as another look at the Sonic Rivals-esque Bot-Racing. You can check out the interview in full, or watch just the gameplay with footage spliced together by BlueParadox, after the cut!

Stay tuned for our TSS Review of Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice once it launches on September 27th in North America and the 30th in Europe for the Nintendo 3DS. In the meantime, be sure to read Jason’s and Alex’s impressions of the E3 2016 demo, and give us your thoughts on the new footage in the comments below!

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    1. Woah. That actually looked pretty cool. I can tell just by how the air dash works that this game is a lot smoother than Shattered Crystal.

      This game definitely seems to make the exploration focus of the Boom series really shine. There is definitely more incentive to explore in these games compared to the main series, but thankfully, the pace doesn’t seem so bogged down this time around.

  1. A puyo game? great – another one that wont get translated…
    still waiting for Puyo Tetris.

    i dont like the robot racing, thats clearly Metal Sonic’s spot but they wont use him.

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