Charmy Bee Plush Now on G.E. Entertainment Website

Looks like there’s another character about to join G.E. Entertainment’s plethora of character plushes, as Charmy Bee is quietly revealed to the public for release soon.


While not being formally revealed by the company, Charmy now has an entry on their own website, signifying that it’s in the final stages of production. No information is available on price, but at 8.5″ the size of the toy will be about the same as their previously released Rouge the Bat plush, and smaller than the Espio and Vector plushes. Like many other characters in the line, this marks the first time Charmy has had an official plush toy.

When asked about it after the addition, G.E. Entertainment verified that they’re aiming to have it available to purchase within three months, so it might even be in time for Christmas! Once it is, it will be purchasable through eBay and Amazon vendors as per the usual for their plush range. Might be one to keep an eye on if you like the Chaotix, or are collecting all the characters in general.

Sources: GE Animation website, Facebook

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  1. And GE’s dedication to giving us plushes of characters we might actually want continues! Even though a lot of people don’t like Charmy.

  2. I doubt we’d get a plush of Vanilla the Rabbit (Cream’s mother), next. Maybe they would do Orbot and Cubot.

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