Mash-Up Monday: “Shadow and the Snow Queen”, Plus Sonic Storybook Photoshop Contest

Ah, the Sonic Storybook series – a spinoff that never lived past Sonic and the Secret Rings, which brought the Blue Blur to the many tales of the Arabian Nights, and Sonic and the Black Knight, based on the old legends of King Arthur. The concept of mashing together Sonic with age-old folklore was a fun one that could’ve led to other game ideas: say, Sonic finding the lost city of Atlantis, or facing the Greek hero Hercules, or maybe even going through the pages of Hans Christian Andersen’s The Snow Queen.

What’s with that specific last example, you may ask? This week’s Mash-Up Monday, being “Shadow and the Snow Queen”—a combination of “Let it Go” from Disney’s Frozen, “Snow Halation” from the Love Live! anime, snippets of Crush 40’s “I Am All of Me” from Shadow the Hedgehog, and bits of “Rooftop Run” from Sonic Unleashed—based on a very real crossover idea that spawned between the Sonic and Frozen fandoms.

Check it out below, and read on for the Sonic Storybook Series photoshop contest!

This week’s Mash-Up Monday has been brought to you by the SiIvaGunner parody account on YouTube, the same grand-dad responsible for some of the highest quality rips ever to grace the internet. We’ll be checking out more of his Sonic music mashups at a later date!

In the meantime, I thought I’d try something new for an upcoming Freak-Out Friday, and with the “Shadow and the Snow Queen” mashup idea in mind, how about we have ourselves a Sonic Storybook series-themed Photoshop Contest?


The rules are as follows!

  • Photoshop is not required – any kind of image manipulation software will do!
  • Submit your entries to us in the comments below, reach out to us via our Facebook or Twitter (be it with replies or direct messages), [EDIT: SEPT. 14] or share them in the SSMB thread!
  • Anything and everything within the Sonic canon and its various spinoffs is free game, so long as it ties in with a specific piece of ancient folklore or literature! Use the template above to guide you!
  • No more than two entry per person!
  • Most importantly, keep it tasteful with no offensive material of any kind!

The deadline is Thursday, September 22nd at 11:59pm BST (7pm EST, 4pm PST). That should give you all ample time to come up with something truly unique or downright bonkers for a Sonic Storybook box art. We’ll feature the best ones on Freak-Out Friday the next day, and if successful, who knows? We could make photoshop contests a fun recurring thing on The Sonic Stadium!

Have at it, everyone!

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      1. Vizard Jeffhog, I was wondering on how to submit such artwork: Do we send it by email through the website sending box, or do we link it through the comments here?

        I would also like to ask about myself. You see, I was the one who actually started this crossover between Shadow and Elsa (Sonic x Frozen) back in 2014, even making the idea of the game Shadow and the Snow Queen. If I were to post my photoshop artwork that started it all, how will you credit it? I would like people to know that I started this crossover between Shadow and Elsa and would like to show them my artwork that started this whole thing. Here is the artwork:

        If you check my DeviantART channel, I actually made tons of artwork about this crossover, but the link above was my best one.

        1. Don’t worry, I’ll be featuring yours up front and centre since it’s partly what inspired the whole idea and I’ll provide more context as well with proper credit to you – admittedly the article above was written on the fly because personal time constraints so I didn’t go too in-depth into my search, but thanks for coming here nonetheless!

          I’ll be crediting people by their desired name or default to their username, and (if sourced from another site as in your case and not submitted in the dedicated forum thread, sent in via social media, or linked in the comments here) link back to its source. 😀

          1. Why thank you!

            I am also glad you made this photoshop contest, as I am eager to see what the community has to offer. In addition, will you be so contributing to your own contest? I would like to see what you have in mind.

            Again, thank you for promoting my artwork at the front and letting people know who started this whole crossover. I know many will not care, but I just want them to know. I will wait in anticipation for the upcoming Freak-Out Friday to see what others have to offer. And hope to see more intriguing information about the Sonic franchise in this website.

  1. It may be more appropriate to use the WiiU cover banner, since a possible new entry to the series would likely be on that console at this time. I might change that up if I enter this.

  2. Dear The Sonic Stadium,

    The person who made this mash-up video on YouTube IS NOT THE ORIGINAL CREATOR OF THIS WEIRD CROSSOVER. He took it from this guy, he is the one who started it.

    Check his DeviantArt channel. HE IS THE ONE WHO STARTED THIS CROSSOVER, merely almost two years before this ripped videos. Want proof? Check the date when the video was made, and compare it to the photoshop artworks’ date of the DeviantArt channel. He actually made tons of photoshop artworks of this crossover way before the video creator made this video

    I implore you to update this post and give credit to the original creator of this weird crossover. The one who made the video on YouTube ripped it from him.

    1. 1. “based on a very real crossover idea that spawned between the Sonic and Frozen fandoms”
      2. Read the earlier comments

    1. Yeah, I don’t know if I should be shocked that a Shadow/Elsa crossover is anything more than a joke, or if I should expect and tolerate these sorts of things as a Sonic fan.

  3. How do we go about submitting our entries? Will there be a forum topic or do we comment on this here post with a link?

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