4 new Sonic themes out for 3DS in NA (one is free!)

This past Thursday, Sega released 4 new Sonic themes for the 3DS Theme Shop in NA. One of the which, the 25th Anniversary theme, is free to download! The other three can be bought individually for $2 USD each (sadly I can’t find the CDN prices) or in a 3-theme bundle for $4.99 USD or $6.49 CDN.

The 4 themes with their names and songs are:

  • Sonic series: 25th Anniversary (Music: Sonic Heroes “System Screen: Team Select”)
  • Sonic series: Sonic Style (Music: Sonic Generations: “System Screen: Option Menu”)
  • Sonic series: Classic Style (Music: Sonic the Hedgehog 3: “System Screen: Character Select”)
  • Sonic series: Boom Style (Music: Sonic Boom: “Main Theme”)

You can see pics of all themes below.

Note: 25th Anniversary = first 5 pics. Sonic Style = next 3 pics, Classic Style = next 3 pics, Boom Style = last 4 pics.

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  1. Funny. Normally, Brazil gets everything that’s released in the american 3DS Theme Shop, but I’ve yet to see these Sonic themes on the Theme Shop. Did Nintendo leave Brazil? Yes, it did! However, I managed to buy the latest Pokémon themes on my Brazilian account, so I don’t get what’s going on.

  2. Really balancing everything out between the Modern, Classic, and Boom franchises lately. This is making me think more and more that Boom Sonic might be added to Project 2017, it just feels right to me.

  3. I really appreciate one small detail here: The Modern Sonic theme is labeled as “Sonic Style.” Not Modern Style, not Legacy Style… Sonic Style. It lets me know that the Sonic I saw grow over all this time is still considered the central branch of the series. It gives me hope that this Classic-filled era is going to stop soon or become its own thing in the future.

    These themes are really good. Thinking about buying the Classic, Sonic, and Boom styles. … But I’m pretty sure some Shadow and Silver themes are on their way too, and I want those more.

  4. I want a new theme for Shadow. Not like a remixed theme or just All Hail Shadow again but an actual brand new theme.

  5. Oh, man! I’m really looking at the Sonic Heroes menu music and the Sonic 3 menu music. And I thought my Super Mario Sunshine theme was cool.

    1. Welcome to the “Club of those who could not acquire the new Sonic themes”. The only difference between you and me is that I’m a brazilian, living in Brazil, and still eagerly awaiting for the release of such themes in the brazilian 3DS Theme Shop. I could acquire Shantae’s newest theme, and I also saw new Pokémon and Yokai Watch themes released, but nothing on Sonic’s newest themes being released on this side of the world. By the way, you can’t “search” for themes, for they are NOT in the eShop, if that’s what you are thinking. They are in the Theme Shop. Ask around how to get into the Theme Shop, because I’m very lazy to explain right now. I hope I helped.

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