New Game Hinted & Movie Producer Heading to 25th Party

A couple of bits and pieces regarding tonight’s show here! First up, EuroDNS has hinted that there will indeed be a game revealed at tonight’s 25th anniversary party!

For those that don’t know, EuroDNS are a company responsible for registering domain names on behalf of other companies. Their clientele¬†include some big names, especially for Europeans. As such, SEGA registering their new game website through them is within the realms of reality.

Secondly, Dmitri M. Johnson has confirmed his attendance at the party. Name doesn’t ring any bells? Dmitri is a co-producer on the Sonic movie that’s in the works right now! Whether this means we’ll get more movie news tonight as well remains to be seen.

Remember, the party starts at 6pm Pacific Time today. If you want to watch it, you can head to the official Sonic Twitch channel.

Sources: EuroDNS (Twitter), Dmitri M. Johnson (Twitter)

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  1. well many people wanted the main series to be on Xbox ONE PS4 and NX because basically, it will be a good anniversary game right there, because there is alot of few people wanted to see if the new main series sonic game will be adventure series. and the sonic movie i don’t mind seeing more info about it tonight.

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