Jason Griffith gave one last performance as Sonic in a Toonzai Fall 2010 Preview

I just bumped into this and had to share it. Jason Griffith, who most know voiced Sonic in the Sonic X anime in 2003 until Sonic and Sega All-Stars Racing in 2010, actually did indeed still voice Sonic for at least one last time in a half hour Fall 2010 Preview of Toonzai on CW4Kids. You can see the full video below.


Sonic himself confirms this aired on September 3rd, 2010 as pointed out at 4:28 in the video. This is very interesting as it was on July 15th, 2010 when the cast change was announced and Roger Craig Smith was to take over as Sonic officially starting with Sonic Colors and Sonic Free Riders. Roger actually had already voiced as Sonic in the Sonic Spinball ride earlier.

And to top it off, you heard right, Sonic is indeed talking about Dragon Ball Z, in name. That’s pretty mind-blowing to witness isn’t it?

Oh and Sonic sez Piccolo is a Saiyan apparently.

Via zzcolby27 on YouTube.

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  1. It’s kind of jarring hearing that voice again after getting so used to Roger Craig Smith.

    1. I missed his voice so much. It just wouldn’t feel right to hear Roger talk about anime.

    2. I’ll never get used to Craig Smith’s voice. It sucks more than Drummond and Griffith.

  2. Man it sure was a trip hearing Jason as Sonic again. I really missed his voice, he’ll always be my favorite Sonic and the first one I think of whenever I read Sonic comics. It sure would be nice if they ever did an uncut redub of Sonic X with the original 4Kids cast, it’d be nice to hear everyone voicing their characters again with all the experience they’ve gained.

  3. A shame, really. I always thought Griffith was the better of the many Sonic voice actors. His early stuff like with X was fairly poor, but he got better at it to the point his Unleashed version is (to me) the quintessential Sonic voice. He had the spark, the sort of energy Sonic would have.

    Rogers, well he’s trying I’m not going to fault him for that, but it just wasn’t the right casting. He’s known for voicing large, burly soldiers. A small, pre-teen cobalt anthropomorphic hedgehog doesn’t seem like a logical step. Again, I get the impression he’s giving it his all, but it just sounds too mellow to me, like Roger!Sonic is just sort of always doped up with tranquilizers.

  4. Jason definitely fits Sonic better but his acting is…yikes

    Roger has the opposite issue, he doesn’t fit Sonic but his acting is great.

    1. LOL! That’s exactly how I feel! XD

      Would love if Roger tried to sound a little more like Jason, he sounds more like him sometimes in Sonic Boom.

  5. It’s so wierd hearing sonic talk about the original yugioh series. I still think Jason Griffith is better than roger Craig smith and I really wish they had given him another few games at least

  6. Oh god…I’ve forgotten how awful Grifith can be as Sonic. Bleh, couldn’t take 5 minutes of that poor performance. But maybe it’s a 4Kids thing, because he certainly thrived in Smash Bros Brawl. However, countering that is his performance as Shadow in Sonic X, as Tom Majors in Chaotic and Miyimoto Usagi in TMNT.

    So maybe he just sucks as Sonic when he’s getting paid peanuts by a shit company. He definitely did a piss poor job as Jet. But if I give Griffith anymore reasonable doubt, I would end up dick riding him like the rest of you. Glad that Roger took the role (and the inflection) in another direction and made it his own, I hope he never leaves…or baring that, that his performance as Sonic will be as influential to future performers as Jaleel White was for the rest of the old voices.

    1. Honestly, I don’t think Jason was much better in Brawl. Every time I hear “Too easy. Piece o’ CAAAYEEEEK!” I cringe…

    2. I like Jason’s voice acting for Unleashed, the Storybook Series, and SSBB for Sonic and honestly wouldn’t have minded if they kept him. But I still prefer Roger. Mostly because the only game I can think of where Roger didn’t get Sonic’s voice right was Sonic Free Riders– meanwhile, there are several games where I hated the voice Jason gave to Sonic, not to mention that he voice acted for my least favorite English dub of a Sonic game (the dub for Sonic Riders Zero Gravity).

  7. I actually prefer Rodgers voicing Sonic. Yes, Jason did a WONDERFUL Sonic in Sonic Unleashed, but I prefer Rodgers as the voice fits his cocky nature.

    Thank God they still kept Mike Pollock though.

  8. I vaguely recall seeing this, actually– I used to watch Sonic X all the time as a kid. I definitely prefer Griffith’s performance in Unleashed and Black Knight– he’s sort of regressed back to his X voice here. But its still interesting to watch, and I wouldn’t mind if Griffith came back at any point.

  9. To me Roger’s Sonic is very disappointing, I’m probably in the minority but I prefer a voice that suits the character over good acting.

    Think Arc Rise Fantasia, the voice acting in that game is considered terrible and awkward but most if not all the voices suit the characters perfectly, which I enjoyed.

    Alternatively there’s Junichi Takemaru, my go to voice, now that Griffith’s gone. Finally Shadow’s new voice plain sucks.

  10. That was… refreshing.
    I missed that voice, cus it was the one I grew up with.

  11. I’ve missed watching Saturday morning cartoon & I missed listening to Jason Griffith’s Sonic voice aww the memories ?????

  12. Jason Giffith is my favorite one Sonic voice actor is a perfect voice actor for Sonic The Hedgehog & Shadow The Hedgehog in my heart forever!

  13. It’s particularly weird hearing Jason practically revert to how he sounded in Sonic X, but I suppose that’s kind of the point considering Sonic X is now Sonic is known to Toonzai.

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