ESP×SONIC SONIC THE HEDGEHOG 25th Anniversary & SHADOW THE HEDGEHOG 15th Anniversary Guitars Announced

Guitar aficionados rejoice, as Japanese guitar producers ESP announce a brand new range of Sonic the Hedgehog themed guitars! The designs, SONIC-II and SHADOW-II are both based on the signature guitar played by Crush 40 and Sonic Team guitarist and composer Jun Senoue, which have been used at a number of performances around the world.


Additionally, each guitar has a budget model, to cater for the individuals without the deeper pockets of the more serious guitar players. The standard edition of each axe comes in at ¥165,000 + tax (approximately £1400 / $1800 USD at time of writing), before other costs of importing. The high-end edition, which includes top-of-the-line specifications will set you back ¥645,000 + tax, which equates to around a whopping £5500 / $7000.

The high-end editions also come with an exclusive guitar case, and are equipped with the signature shoe headstock design. Those looking to buy the budget versions of the guitar may be disappointed that this feature has been excluded for these models.

More images of the different models are shown below.

More details can be found at the Official ESP Japan website.

shadow2_hp sonic2__hp


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  1. Hot daaaayumn!!

    I don’t play the guitar and I want both already! These guitars have to be the best Sonic collectibles I have seen in years!

  2. Dam That Sonic The Hedgehog 25th Anniversary Sonic Guitar & Shadow Guitar looks like a popular Guitar for Sonic The Hedgehog 25th Anniversary items to get!

    1. To be fair Shadow is one if the most popular characters. I actually forgot it was Blaze’s tenth last year. Never even thought about it.

    2. You and me both but as Unknown said Shadow is far more popular, that’s pretty obvious man and Blaze is my favorite character right after Sonic but you don’t see me whining in every subject that doesn’t focuses on her.

  3. Damn. I don’t think I can afford the Shadow guitar. I guess my exclusive Shadow statue will have to do.

  4. Also I love the artwork they used for Sonic’s guitar, I thought someone would have a problem with it but is nice to see everyone feels the same!

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