Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice Launch Edition Announced

Sega have announced that Sonic Boom Fire & Ice will be getting a special ‘launch edition’ of the game. What’s in the box you ask? Well it comes with a DVD which contains some episodes of the show. Episodes in question are…

  • Chili Dog Day Afternoon
  • It Wasn’t Me, It Was the One-Armed Hedgehog
  • It Takes a Village to Defeat a Hedgehog

Yes those are the episodes which have cameos by Metal Sonic & Shadow.

In addition to this, it’s strongly implied that Boom will be playable at this years E3.


Source: PR Newswire

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  1. I’m glad Chili Dog Day Afternoon is on there. That episode was Boom Knuckles at his finest.

    1. Because of the field of baby ducks? Or the part where he uses his climbing abilities on that slippery stairs?

  2. Huh. That’s something I don’t usually see for Cartoon based games. Of course this DVD doesn’t have as many episodes as the DVD Volumes that are being released right now but this doesn’t sound like a bad Launch Day offer for fans of the TV Show who could be looking forward to this game.

  3. Releasing the eps with Shadow and Metal Sonic as a bonus is actually a decent marketing strategy.

  4. With how long they’re taking with this game, I’m lead to believe they’re trying to make sure that it’s the best it can be, after the first game (specifically the Wii U version). I don’t personally find myself getting invested because of the original problems I have with Boom as a concept, but I look forward to seeing how this game goes.

  5. i wonder if Shadow and Metal will be in Fire & Ice then, that would be nice.
    good to finally hear about this game – its been silent for several months

  6. A pretty cool idea for sure, especially if it’s the same price or only fractionally more than the base game.

    It’s a shame that the episodes in question are weaker ones in the series, the show is at it’s best when not trying to do more action/fight-scene focused storylines, but the Boom franchise is definitely aimed at the kind of age-range who would be less discerning about that sort of thing, this is a perfect special edition to that end.

  7. So we’ve got one episode that’s all a dream, another about a stupid running gag and shoehorned (pun maliciously intended) Metal Sonic, and Ow the Edgehog at his “finest”.

    Clearly this Launch Edition is one to go down in history.

    1. To be fair, this IS better than Sonic Lost World’s Pre-Order incentive; 25 or so extra lives.

      Though, yeah, this pre-order is still shit. When you’re making worse pre-order incentives than Ubisoft, stop trying to make pre-order bonuses. Sod it, DON’T make pre-order bonuses at all. Avoid that concept like it is toxic….’cause it is!

  8. Oh wow. What unexpected news. 😀 Very interesting.

    I find it odd how Chili Dog Day Afternoon is included in here, of all episodes. But hey, this is a pretty snazzy idea for a game that’s promoting the cartoon show. Also, I hope this means that Shadow and Metal are in the game too. It’d be weird if not.

  9. I remember Sanzau Games added Sonic Boom Comic Books in Sonic Boom Shattered Crystals for 3DS.

  10. Cool, it comes out on my birthday! Looks like I know how I’ll be spending part of the day.

  11. Pretty neat that the Sonic Boom episodes are a part of the pre-order bonus. Though, they missed a big chance to include “Fire in a Crowded Workshop” simply because of Knuckles’ delusional fantasy of having ice breath powers. 😀

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