Sonic 25th Anniversary Coin & Merchandise Revealed!

In both the Summer of Sonic Kickstarter and mentioned in the Sonic Boom event page, there has been talk of a special limited edition Sonic 25th Anniversary coin, well, Sega have just released images of the coin and it looks stunning.


As well as the limited coins, Sega also revealed that the following products would be available at Joypolis’ Sonic 25th Anniversary Party.


Now… which one of you wants to buy me all those things?

Source: Sonic Channel

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  1. Oh man that shirt would be great!

    It seems a little sad though…previous anniversary years included statues and stuff. But this years collectable seems to be just the coin. Hum

  2. That Sonic The Hedgehog 25th Anniversary frisbee looks straight out of 90s of cartoon show is amazing!

  3. Are there any other girls here that agree that we need some girls Sonic shirts (like that are pink or something, but also have Sonic. But I have a feeling if they do make girls shirts, they will put Amy on ALL of them. I don’t want Amy on the shirts-well I do, but I want them to make shirts with the boys [of course I mean Sonic, Tails, Knuckles,etc.])

  4. I am actually confused with what all I of this is….. I know that the first thging is a tee shirt but uh, what’s the rest?

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