(Update) Sega confirms new Sonic project is coming in 2017

Update: Decided to adjust a couple of things. First the message seems to more specifically say that a new Sonic project is coming next year (project seems to be the prevailing word rather than game, but some do report it as a game). While it’s not specified to be the big anniversary game, it is said that details will be announced at the 25th anniversary party in San Diego on July 22nd. The event in San Diego will also be live-streamed via Twitch. Finally, another very reliable site has put up the full details, along with the link to the live-stream archive which you can see below.



Original: The second key thing, again from Joypolis, is that Sega have confirmed that the next main Sonic game is indeed due in 2017. No other details were given at this time.

Via Gematsu and initially OGEI on Twitter.

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  1. No wonder they’re dragging all these hints out slowly – such a wait 🙁
    However I am optimistic that the wait will be worth it and that they’ll listen to what fans want and take their time to develop an awesome game etc.
    I look forward to more details.

  2. 2017?! But 2016 is the 25th Anniversary! Well I guess Sonic Boom: Fire and Ice is the closest thing we got.

    1. Eh, Zelda’s missing its anniversary too, so I guess it’s not an entirely new concept.

      1. As long as it is before June 23rd, 2017, then it is still during the 25th Anniversary. Just because it’s 2017, doesn’t mean it’s the 26th Anniversary

      2. Makes sense. Cause Nintendo stated that they wanted to release the game when the NX comes out and at the same time release the Wii U version as well.

        1. When did they say that…? Nintendo don’t make the games… Lol.

    2. Technically Sonic’s 25th Anniversary lasts until June 23rd 2017, not until the end of 2016.

      1. Yes, but you cut the cake and take the birthday presents the very first day you turn to a certain age, not within the year it lasts.

        1. Hahahaha but this is an anniversary celebration, not presents for your birthday, you got Mario & Sonic Rio 2016 if that makes you feel better, I don’t mind waiting a couple months more for the main game, I really want it to be great.

        2. Generations didn’t come out on June 23rd, 2011, mind you. By your logic, the only REAL anniversary game ever would be Sonic Adventure 2.

  3. I do wish SEGA had been up-front and honest before now if there isn’t going to be an anniversary game release this year. The very latest I (and I expect many other fans will feel the same) expected an anniversary game announcement was on the date of the 25th anniversary itself.

    If the game needs more time and has to arrive late in order to be a better product, that’s fine, and that’s the best thing to do, but I do wish they’s said SOMETHING before now so expectations could be lowered.

    Expectations were left to run high, so Sonic’s 25th anniversary day was a spectacular disappointment. It was. First 4 Figures gave a sneak peek of a chocolate Sonic ( 😛 ) they’re making, but otherwise, er, not a lot happened on the 23rd, well, Sonic-wise anyway. There was the perfectly-timed release of the Independence Day sequel (loved it) in cinemas on the same day the UK were voting to leave the EU, so there was plenty going on over here, I just expected the day to be a little more… Sonical.

      1. The Legend of Zelda is also skipping it anniversary,too.With the game being delayed for 2017 on both the NX and Wii U.Also it is confirmed that the Sonic Anniversary Game is gonna release on PS4 and Xbox One so no Nintendo.

  4. They might as well just stop with all the teasing and just come out with the confirmation that the next game will be exclusively on the Nintendo NX when that system launches in 2017.

    It is the only reason nothing about has been shown yet, Nintendo doesn’t want anyone to see anything from the NX until its big reveal, so any Sonic game trailers and game info is kept under wraps while SEGA and Sonicteam plays “tease the fans with cheap distractions.” to avoid missing out on the 25th anniversary.

    Really, SEGA, you’re giant effing idiots for once again jumping into bed with a dying game company. The future is with the PS4 and Xbox, because Nintendo both fails to understand what their consumer base actual wants from a game console, and knows their new console don’t really stand a chance at competing with the new Sony and Microsoft consoles.

      1. You take people that unironically use “Nintendon’t” as an insult (in 2016 mind you) seriously to begin with?

    1. Your comment makes me think of this comic: http://wiiuforums.com/lounge/11403-nintendo-dead-comic.html After all, you do know what Nintendo fans say about doubting Nintendo, right?

      Besides, you’re citing an exclusivity deal that ended two years ago when you have zero reason besides your own paranoia and spite to believe it will be restored.

      The reason the game isn’t being announced yet is because if its announced too early, it’ll very likely experience a phenomenon called overhyping. This means that fans will either have increasingly unrealistic expectations for the title the longer its confirmed to exist but with no details, hurting the game’s reputation when it inevitably doesn’t fit those expectation, or (more likely) they’ll get exhausted from all the excitement before the game has a chance to release, hurting sales because they’ve become bored of the game before even getting a chance to purchase it.

      1. I believe we already have a proper term for the overhype phenomenon – It’s called the Sonic Cycle.

        Celebrate the return of your eternal disappointment, Summer 2017.

        1. I find Sonic cycle to be kind of reductive tbh, considering there have been a lot of titles such as Generations that don’t fit it.

          Hence, the use of the term overhype.

      2. before dismissing me as a overhyped crybabym, perhaps you should check out some cold hard facts: http://www.techinsider.io/nintendos-30-year-hardware-decline-2016-4 The Nintendo NX isn’t even out yet and it is already a joke console which is lacking in specs when compared to the latest console news from Sony and Microsoft… Why buy a console so underpowered that barely anyone would want to produce third party games for it?

        What, it hasn’t experienced over hyping yet? SEGA has been teasing hints at a new game for over a year wile dropping dates for events which just lead to more announcements of dates while dropping all kind sof stuff making people go crazy with ideas that its Generations 2, Adventure 3, a 3D remake of Sonic 1, a 2.5D remaster of Sonic 1… Nothig about the game is known and already its overhyped.

        But the most telling thing about it going onto the NX is the refusal to unveil any details until after Nintendon’t drops their latest bombshell of an underpowered console with some stupid ass control gimmick onto a market place already pissed off at them for leaving the Wii U as a nearly dead in the water system.

        SEGA and Nintendo are still working together closely so I got no reason not to expect SEGA to announce that the game isn’t going onto the NX exclusively.

        1. Oh, you know the specs for the NX? Cool!
          Mind sharing them with us, or at least give us a link to them?

        2. I checked out that article, and I think you should try reading it too. Here’s a notable quote:

          “Notably, the chart doesn’t include Nintendo’s massively successful portable consoles (Game Boy, Game Boy Advance, Nintendo DS, and Nintendo 3DS). This isn’t a doom-and-gloom ‘Nintendo’s falling apart’ chart. The company’s moving into mobile games, and the Wii U’s successor – codenamed ‘Nintendo NX’ – is getting announced in 2016.”

          Yep, the author of that article literally said, “[t]his isn’t a doom-and-gloom ‘Nintendo’s falling apart’ chart.” The NX is not being treated as a joke there, Nintendo is explicitly (and accurately) portrayed as the leader of the handheld console industry, and its nowhere near being portrayed as a failure. The point of the article and the chart is to say that Nintendo is not as dominant in the home console market as it was back in the 1980s, not that Nintendo is dumb. Heck, the article seems to hold a lot of respect for Nintendo, and so do I.

          Seconding MetaRyan on asking where you got the specs for the NX. I think the media would like to know. But even if it does turn out to be underpowered, the NX still isn’t screwed. After all, you can make good games on a console with the specs of a freaking Atari 2600 if you know what you’re doing– and any modern console, including the NX, is undeniably miles above a 2600. That doesn’t mean that specs aren’t important, but acting like they’re the only thing that matters in terms of determining game quality is ridiculous. Heck, how you take advantage of specs is just as important as what the specs are– Super Mario Galaxy and Kirby’s Epic Yarn for the Wii look a lot better than any Call of Duty game for PS/XB because unlike said shooters, they maximize the potential of their console instead of wasting it on bland realism.

          And hey, I think the media would also like to know how you know what the NX’s gimmick is going to be. After all, you surely must have had some experience with it if you’ve determined that its terrible. But like before, even if it does have a gimmick, that doesn’t screw the games that will be on it. Games don’t have to take advantage of the gimmicks, for one, and if they do, they can utilize them wisely. For example, Metroid Prime 3 uses the Wii’s motion controls to imitate arcade shooters and simplify the games controls, as previous games were criticized for having controls that are overcomplicated.

          “But the most telling thing about it going onto the NX is the refusal to unveil any details until after Nintendon’t drops their latest bombshell of an underpowered console”
          Citation needed.

          “SEGA and Nintendo are still working together closely so I got no reason not to expect SEGA to announce that the game isn’t going onto the NX exclusively.”
          What? Because they’re working together at all, they absolutely must be going for exclusivity? There are literally no other options? That doesn’t make sense. Citation needed again– do you have a source saying that Nintendo is helping with the next Sonic game? And why specifically the NX? Nintendo also makes the 3DS, you know. You’ve been conveniently ignoring Nintendo’s handheld line.

          As for overhyping, people have been anticipating the game, but not going crazy over its features. This is because we don’t have details, so we don’t know enough to get fully hyped. That will change once the game is announced, of course. If you think this is crazy, you haven’t seen anything yet.

          1. Oh, forgot to mention– third parties don’t avoid Nintendo consoles because they’re underpowered, they avoid Nintendo consoles because Nintendo used to treat third parties incredibly poorly. Up until the Wii, third parties really had to jump through hoops to get games on Nintendo systems. Of note, Nintendo deliberately barred third parties from taking advantage of all the N64 had to offer with the filing of patents– if you ever wondered why N64 games seldom took advantage of the N64’s transparency effect, that’s why. Sure, Nintendo ended these policies long ago and have tried to make amends, but there’s still a bad taste left in a lot of developers’ mouths, not helped by the bevy of knockoff and shovelware companies that immediately exploited Nintendo’s newfound openness to third parties for the Wii for a quick buck.

            The only technical limitation I can think of that held back third parties from making Nintendo games was Nintendo’s insistence on continuing to use cartridges when discs (which were cheaper and had more memory at the time than cartridges) became the standard. But even then, Nintendo home consoles have used discs since the Gamecube, and Nintendo handheld cartridges have become increasingly more affordable due to the smaller sizes of the cartridges yet at the same time gaining more storage space.

          2. Third parties do avoid them because there systems are underpowered. Look at what they did to 06. It could not run the game so they split the team to make SandTSR for the wii. Nintendo has even stated heck even this past e3 im sure you can google it that its not about the horsepower or power of the system but basically if you customers are having fun. No nintendo you still have not learned I do not want gimmicks i want a system as powerful as the ps4 to produce games like zelda and star fox. Not something held back with games that look good but bascially just have a lot of bloom and cel shading to make them look nice.

          3. Quote: Nintendo boss Satoru Iwata has spoken out on the subject, saying that the NX will not be a replacement for either of the company’s current consoles.

            He spoke out during an Nintendo investor briefing, saying that although the NX will be “a dedicated video game platform with a brand new concept,” the company does not “intend it to become a simple replacement for Nintendo 3DS or Wii U.”

            Quote 2: It might have an awesome new controller

            Another Nintendo patent gave us a few clues about a potential controller for the Nintendo NX. And it might just be rather awesome, and innovative to boot.

            The patent describes an oval-shaped controller with a pair of analogue sticks, shoulder buttons and a speaker.

            But the normality ends there. That’s because the entire face of the controller is actually a touchscreen, which would allow developers to display custom buttons with animated graphics – rather than having to rely on the normal controller layout.

            The patent suggests that, like other touchscreen devices, the display may be used for other content such as an internet browser.

            It seems the controller would also feature a microSD card slot and gyroscopic motion controls.

            Quote 3: If a fresh rumor is correct, whatever form the Nintendo NX arrives in, it will be packing similar hardware to the PS4 and Xbox One. (Systems that are already being declared outdated by Sony and Microsoft.)

            The sources suggested it will retail for around the same price as the Xbox One too. (is that the old xbox price or the “dumb this shit now because we got better systems coming out” price Nintendo?)

            Read more at http://www.trustedreviews.com/news/nintendo-nx-release-date-rumours-news-and-specs#DSEaVWteXBAOT3BL.99

            One step forward, two steps back = Nintendo in a nutshell.

          4. What you’ve posted is just that– rumors and speculation. Nothing is set in stone and its very possible, if not inevitable, for many of these rumors and speculations to turn out to be completely wrong. Also, you didn’t actually analyze any of that to connect it to your original argument that Nintendo is a dying, dumb company and yet Sega is still making another exclusivity deal with Nintendo for the next title — so I’m lead to believe that its an attempt to distract from the fact that you have very little, if anything, to substantiate those claims.

            But I do sense an opportunity to teach you some debating skills that will help you in future conversations. You see, the rumored design of the NX controller that you talk about turned out to be little more than a hoax as admitted by the hoaxer himself (http://www.polygon.com/2016/3/25/11303690/nintendo-nx-controller-hoax). The article you just presented came from 2015, back when people weren’t aware of the hoax, so it wouldn’t have informed you of this, but articles about it from March 2016 onward would have made this clear. This demonstrates really well that you need to research and fact check your points before presenting them, especially with information as volatile and easily disproven as rumors.

            Actually, this is a running theme in general with you. You need to do less surface-level, knee jerk thinking in regards to forming an opinion– you need to research and analyze more. Not everything that’s obvious to you is obvious to me, after all, and you might miss some key information if you don’t analyze beyond the surface level! It would also strengthen your arguments tenfold if you made it clearer that you made your conclusion based off of the evidence available instead of just searching for evidence that supports your pre-made conclusion. Remember, acknowledging faults in your opinions while still presenting evidence for it, especially for speculation on unreleased consoles, conveys confidence in the validity of your opinion, and also makes the opinion seem more realistic and thus believable.

          5. And hey, look, here’s an opportunity to demonstrate what I mean.

            I wrote that the article you presented to me was made in 2015, a conclusion I came to from the fact that the article is speculating on what’s going to happen come 2016, but closer inspection revealed that its actually from 2016, not 2015. Why it would regurgitate a demonstrably false rumor I don’t know, but other sources like Polygon will still inform you of the fakery. So its still really important to fact check what you read.

    2. It won’t be exclusive for the NX cause SEGA stated that for now on, from this time forward, all Sonic games will be released on every console as much as they loved doing it, they won’t do exclusives for Nintendo anymore.

    3. I agree with your first part (very plausible) but your second part is just plain anti-Nintendoism.

  5. Seems like it. from what I’ve gathered it roughly translates to “Sonic Project starts in 2017.”
    Somebody who actually knows Japanese please correct me/clarify, I’m just going by amateur effort.

  6. Really looking forward to it… and strangely, looking forward to the wait, and I’m not sure why

  7. Huh, they actually skipped an anniversary. At least for main games. We still have Boom and all the merch. Color me surprised.

    If its to prevent some 06-level disaster, I’m for it. If its the result of some Xtreme-level development hell, then I’m really worried. I want a good Sonic game that will help restore the franchise’s reputation, and for that, content matters more than release dates.

    1. No you had the sonic 06 issue because of nintendo. They are the entire reason the team was split to cater to them and their gimmick system. and 06 was no where near as bad a mess as boom was.

      1. Nintendo?

        Sonic 06 wasn’t Nintendo’s fault because Nintendo never had any involvement in the game at all. The decision to split the team to put a Sonic game on the Wii as well as further divides made afterwards were all on Sonic Team, and I’m going to need some sources in regards to Nintendo caring about any of that because I’m pretty sure it didn’t. Furthermore, even if Sonic Team didn’t split to focus on a Nintendo title, there was still critical issues with leadership (most critically, Yuji Naka left mid-development and didn’t name a successor) and there was no way in hell a game with the scale of Sonic 06 was going to be finished in a year for a PS3/XB360, assuming all the concepts of the game are solid (which they aren’t). TL:DR: Sonic 06’s failed because Sonic Team bit off more than it could chew and had poor direction within itself and from Sega, not because of anything Nintendo did.

        And I brought 06 up rather than RoL (which isn’t even that much of a mess compared to 06 tbh) because 06 was rushed to meet the anniversary deadline, despite being hyped as a reboot that would define the series for years to come. And it is such a mess because it was hyped as the game that would define the series from then on, so people tend to treat it as such. I know the 25th anniversary game is going to be critical to Sonic’s future, so if its going to define Sonic for years to come, I want that definition to be beneficial to the franchise.

        1. No development was going fine. Have you actually worked in an office or still in school? Even then if your lead leaves your team should be able to handle it. If you have a team of 30 people and you take over half to develop a game for the and basically cater to the wii to give those gamers something for the 15th anniversary game you have a team of 15 left. Now on top of this now split team you still have your original deadline. So those 15 people now have to do the work they have plus that of the 15 that left and as stated in japanese interviews it was next to impossible to fix everything on the deadline and with the team split cause the wii was so underpowered just like the nx will be.

          1. Some of my friends make fangames, so they’ve taught me a fair amount about how video game development works.

            And leaders aren’t just any member of the team. They define the direction of the game, as well as manage the team members. In the case of Naka, he not just served as a manager but did critical work on conceptualizing the game. When he abruptly left, Sonic Team lost that, especially when the guy that replaced Naka wasn’t as experienced or skilled as him. Since Sega and Sonic Team would have needed time to scope out a replacement, there was also a period of the development where Sonic Team had no leader at all to fill Naka’s role. Thus, Sonic Team lacked good direction after Naka left.

            Also, Sonic 06 was meant to be the big title, not Secret Rings. While its true that Secret Rings got a chunk of 06’s budget, it was always meant to be a low budget title. Sonic 06, on the other hand, had a lot of money funneled into it and was highly ambitious. It had 15 gameplay styles and four stories, not to mention massive game environments. At its scale, one year isn’t nearly enough time to finish the game, no matter what the staff size is.

            Plus I still don’t see how any of this is Nintendo’s fault.

          2. you know Darkvizard you could be right but sonic 06 has some crazy gimmicks and it fails but SEGA needs to realize that we need a better decent sonic game that can bring back the adventure series, but i know its not gonna happen in the future but SEGA made some few mistakes in the past.

            and your right about the console gimmicks basically nintendo is trying to make us smile and make there fans happy. i really enjoy there consoles and there games. but it has such a weird gimmicks in some of there games that is built for. and pachter said that the NX will fail witch out a third party support.

          1. I do not mind it being on the nx if nintendos systems lately were not built around gimmicks. I mean they even tell us its not about the power of the system but if its fun. No i do not want my games quality held back because you had to go and make some sort of gimmick control to make people interact more with their game.

        2. There’s a fuck load of reasons 06 ended up the way it did. But on the top of it all, I blame Sega for their foolish handling of Sonic as a franchise that year.

      2. Wasn’t Sonic Team the reason behind Sonic 06’s team being split into two?

        If I recall, they were impressed with the Wii’s control scheme, and split the team to make Secret Rings.

        Sounds to me more like it was Sonic Team’s fault, not Nintendo’s.

  8. Wow sega, skipping your anniversary just to cater to nintendo. Well so much for a 25th anniversary game

    1. ou know Darkvizard you could be right in your other comment but sonic 06 has some crazy gimmicks and it fails but SEGA needs to realize that we need a better decent sonic game that can bring back the adventure series, but i know its not gonna happen in the future but SEGA made some few mistakes in the past.

      and your right about the console gimmicks basically nintendo is trying to make us smile and make there fans happy. i really enjoy there consoles and there games. but it has such a weird gimmicks in some of there games that is built for. and pachter said that the NX will fail witch out a third party support.

      1. Screw the overrated Adventure series. Why would you want to take the franchise a couple of step back? Outside of story, Sonic Generations and even Unleashed were much better designed. The next game should be either a Generations follow up, or something new that moves the series forward, not backward.

        1. I agree with sonicgalaxy27, I would love if they made the new game more akin to the Adventure style of Sonic stages (even if is not called Adventure), but is not like they will make the gameplay the exact same as in SA1 or SA2, obviously they need to fix a lot of things and implement new features like with any new game.

          Personally I would prefer the Adventure gameplay over the Boost gameplay (by a bit) because of the sense of freedom and exploration the Adventure games have and that the Boost games lack, all the exploration in the Boost games is 2D gameplay which is a big turn off for me, is not even good or fun like in the Genesis and Rush games.

          Though all in all I would love if the next game implements either the Adventure or Boost gameplays, or better yet they should keep the Boost gameplay replacing the 2D sections with 3D Adventure-like sections, or something entirely new would be nice as well, just hope is nothing like Lost World.

          1. finally someone agrees with me well i agree with you raw and yes there is hope for the boost formula to comeback and i doubt that they might bring back modern sonic.

  9. As a source of this piece of news, I appreciate of being featured here! Thanks! 😀

    When I translated that, I was thinking that they’re not necessarily going to make a game, it could be something else..

  10. The message said a new project STARTS in 2017. Not only is new project vague, it says that 2017 is the year it’s started on. Where did you get “MAIN SONIC GAME 2017” from…? ‘.’)

  11. Technically, this does not confirm the next main Sonic game for 2017. It only states that a new project for 2017 is starting. It could possibly be the movie, or something else. The translation makes it a little tough to understand if they’re revealing it in 2017 or not, but it is not confirmed if the anniversary game will release next year or not.

    If the game DOES come out next year… well, I can’t say I didn’t see it coming. With how late they’re revealing it, I imagine they’re going to take the rest of this year to hype it up a fair bit. SEGA is definitely attempting to show that they’re taking time, if this is the case.

    And folks, quit crying Nintendo X SEGA doomsday. It’s seriously childish.

  12. Can we have a big game? ….Something with some emotional gravitas and a larger scope?

    The old Sonic games are fun to play passively, but that’s the way I feel about Sonic these days….passive. Sonic 4 I&II were OKAY, but they were backtracking. Generations, Colours and Lost World were such trivial, uninteresting stories, the gameplay couldn’t really justify it for me.

    Yes, games can be fun without a decent story, but like I said….only “passively”. Can we finally get a Sonic game where we care about the stakes? I want to care about the characters and their world again…

    1. Abso-fuckin’-lutely this. I dunno if you’d agree with me, but I’d like Ian Flynn to write for the new game. He generally writes stories with giving a damn about. And I can see him do good shit for the games, as he’s even expressed interest in doing so, unlike Pontac and Graff. Who themselves know NOTHING about the franchise.

  13. From what I can gather, it says “project” and not “game”. It could very well BE a game, but it could also be the movie, or maybe even something else.



      Darn, now I want that too.

        1. Dude, it’s the fucking game… No way would Sega wait this late to announce something coming this year. It makes sense they’d go for a February release or early Summer release.

  14. it’ll be intresting to think if the party in July had the announcement of the game and a teaser for the film (some cgi mockups). be great

  15. Hmmm, either this is a different announcement or they really are taking enough time with the anniversary game that they’re going to release it some time in 2017. Guess we won’t know for sure till the big anniversary party next month. Still, if that is the case, while I might be a tiny bit disappointed that the anniversary title won’t be coming out closer to the actual anniversary year (yeah I know DisneyLand rules, it’s technically still the 25th anniversary until June 23rd 2017), but if it’s for the sake of this game getting the time, effort, love, passion, skill, creativity, and hard work necessary to make it not just one of the better Sonic games out there, but potentially one of the best, then I can wait as long as necessary. Sonic Boom Fire and Ice is already looking to be several steps ahead of it’s predecessors with the time it’s had, so who knows what can be done with a game we don’t even know anything about yet? I can’t wait to find out!

  16. Missed oppertunity yes, but is the main game came out thus year, bearing the anniversery tag, and it was bad, the series could be stone dead. Maybe this was a safe move Sega.

  17. HAHAHA!!!!
    I KNEW IT!! i was betting we are going to get just an announcement this year!! 😀

  18. I don’t mind 2017 but not even a tiny teaser for what’s coming? At least give us something to be excited for?

    1. And Mario & Sonic Rio 2016, I bet its going to have better sales and scores than Sonic Boom F&I

  19. I don’t know why but this is the kind of thing that make’s me think “It’s Sonic Adventure 3…”

  20. I hope it’s called Sonic First Contact.

    A surviving group of black arms attempt time travel with chaos control 50 years into the past to undo Shadow’s creation; thus preventing Shadow from destroying Black Doom and the Black Comet. So Sonic and co. follow to put a stop to them before it’s too late!

    SEGA should hire me…

    1. My prediction:
      Sonic Schoolhouse 2: Revenge of the Teacherhog

      Eggman decides to go back for his teaching degree, and is now brainwashing the youth of the world. Sonic has to go undercover as a teacher to stop him.

  21. I know Yooka Laylee is gonna release March 2017 for Xbox One PS4 & Wii U Steam to & The Legend Of Zelda Breath Of The Wind for Wii U then NX I don’t know about new Sonic game 2017 project release date I’m hoping for San Diego Comic Con Sonic The Hedgehog 25th Anniversary House Of The Blues party event. Release date for new Sonic game 2017 project on January 2017 Xbox One PS4 Wii U February 2017 March 2017 same release date as Yooka Laylee & The Legend Of The Zelda Breath Of The Wind or in summer 2017?

  22. Whatever the hell. This means SEGA doesn’t want to have an ’06 2.0 and actually TRIES to avoid it.

    And that’s good.

      1. The Unleashed Project doesn’t come with all of the content, though. There are people who enjoyed Unleashed as a whole, ya know…

    1. I’d rather that’d just be a side thing than the actual 25th Anniversary Game.

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