E3 2016: Interview With Aaron Webber

Yesterday, I sat down in a quiet location of E3 with the master of memes himself, Aaron Webber. We discussed a little bit of Sonic Revolution, Sonic in Lego Dimensions, but mostly Sonic Boom: Fire and Ice. You’ll hear about improvements made due to the delay, the trailer cutscene, the length of the game and much, more! So please watch and enjoy.


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  1. I wish they would release the Fire & Ice demo on the eShop. I really want to try it out. It seems to be a big demo too.

    Anyhoo, great interview. I remember an interview at last year’s E3 stating that they “upped the cutscene production values.” Seems to me like that’s true. Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice must be doing something right when journalists are actually positive about it upon visiting E3.

  2. I love how Aaron completely gets this hype cycle in the bit where he says, “I’m gonna guess, that the news of me jumping onto the live stream with Sega Europe has become ‘Big Sonic Announcement.'”

  3. Nice Interview with Aaron Webber at E3 2016 talking about Sonic Boom Fire & Ice a little bit & funny mostly for Aaron Webber liking of adding a new Sonic game in 2016 of speed & platforms exploration! To everyone’s favourite in Sonic Series history they like it a lot with this game has finally exportation of more speed we could beat the fastest time alive getting new record that what I wanna see!!!

  4. I could see Sonic Boom Fire & Ice is probably the popular new Sonic game in 2016 this year on 3DS.

  5. You know what the weirdest thing about that stream was?

    A link was given out, allowing an EU fan a chance to get a ticket for Summer of Sonic. But when the link went live, it was a Youtube video saying that Sonic was “dead”.

    Am I missing something here?

    1. If anything someone wants people to believe sonic is dead and we ahould all stop being fans of the series

      1. Yeah, I get that some people would think that. But why would Sega link to that video? Aren’t they the ones trying to keep Sonic afloat here?

    2. ‘Twas a troll.
      bit.ly links are case sensitive.
      bit.ly/Sonic25EU is the one you want
      bit.ly/sonic25eu is the one you don’t
      GG Well Played, to whoever coined the lowercase link, though. XD

  6. He looks like he was going to self destruct if Webber didn’t speak up about SA3, if I was there I would’ve done that.

    1. Why would he speak about a game which doesn’t exist? Seriously get over the SA3 shit.

      1. Lol so someone got so upset at this comment they posted it on the SA3 Facebook page.

        Finally! Something interesting got posted there!

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