Classic Sonic 25th Anniversary Figurine Announced

Japans Sonic twitter account announced today that there would be a number of new 25th Anniversary pieces of merchandise released later this month. One of those was this rather nice figurine of Classic Sonic.

Sonic25th statue

As pointed out by the person who brought this to our attention, the figure is very similar to the one which was included in the Sonic Generations Collectors Edition.


How can you get your hands on one? Well, you’re going to have to go to Japan, and win one out of the prize machines. That’s right, they’re UFO catcher prizes.

Source: Sonic Twitter (Japan) Via Tracker.

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  1. Don’t need to go to Japan when eBay exists. I remember that the 20th anniversary figure released in UFO catchers was pretty easy to get a hold of because of that. Hopefully its the same case with this one.

    Really excited to see all this nice merch being released! I just hope SEGA announces an actual anniversary game soon.

  2. “We’ve got so many of these figures that fans want to get their hands on! How are we going to hand them all out?”

    “LOL, just put them in a claw game, nobody likes just getting them upfront the easy way. I mean it’s not like they’re valuable collectors items or anything!”

    1. Japan always does this; particularly as Japanese crane games as supposedly nowhere nears as challenging as they are in the west.

      These aren’t valuable anyway, Mandarake’ll have them for a tenner after they launch I’d imagine.

      1. Anniversary merchandise does tend to increase in value and rarity after the production run is over, though, so I’ll probably be picking this up.

    2. The UFO catchers can make people spend 2-10 times the price of the figure verses if it was just bought outright in the store. Way more worthwhile in a business sense

    1. In my opinion, the new one looks much cleaner and more accurate. It makes the Generations one look rather wonky in comparison.

  3. Similar? It’s gotta be the same model.

    I might get it anyway, because these figurines are always good collectibles. I’m big on display figurines and statues. But if it’s as small as the Generations figure, it’ll be good to keep in mind when seeing how high the gougers charge for it.

  4. Cool Sonic 25th Anniversary figures of Classic Sonic looking this one Classic Sonic Sonic 25th Anniversary figure in Japan kind of remind me of a lot of Sonic Adventure Modren Sonic Color style is breath taking.

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