Could the US Sonic Runners Servers Be Shut Down Tomorrow?

Looks like NA users will be affected by the Sonic Runners shutdown earlier than we though, as SEGA announced on Twitter that the game’s regional servers will shut down on Monday May 30… before deleting any mention of it.

The initial news of the shutdown came straight from SEGA’s official Twitter account, suggesting that the company is keen to cut its losses with the mobile app in the US much sooner than in Japan.

We hope you enjoyed Sonic Runners! North American servers will shut down this upcoming Monday. #SonicRunners
— Sonic Runners (@SonicRunners_US) May 29, 2016

Update: The above paragraph, which mentioned maintenance, actually was posted back in November 2015. The original tweet has simply been deleted entirely. Thanks for pointing that out, @SonicWindBlue!

The tweet has since been deleted, replaced with a message about “maintenance” that will be taking place tomorrow instead.

This news follows a story we broke yesterday in which SEGA formally announced the closure of the Sonic Runners servers, thus making play impossible.

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  1. I guess I can delete that game on my tablet sooner than I thought. I wonder if SEGA can compensate with Red Star Rings for Sonic Dash 1 and 2: Sonic Boom…

    1. lol it’s not that simple to cut off a alternate continuity just like that because you don’t like it. Get real man.

  2. We’re not getting SATAM back, because Sonic is NOT for adults, it’s for kids. And who cares if kids aren’t getting their annual dosage of dark and edgy in their lives? My Little Pony will end up beating it in the ratings, anyway!

    1. Sonic should be for everyone like a Pixar/Dreamworks movie, not only for kids like saturday morning cartoons, and sorry but what does your post has to do with this article?

    2. My Little Pony does pretty bad with ratings, actually. The only reason it’s still around is because it’s Hasbro’s number 1 franchise as a whole (Transformers is 2nd) and the toys sell 4 billion each year, the brony fandom, licensed properties sell like crazy, and the writers haven’t run out of ideas. It wouldn’t crush a SATAM reboot in ratings, but in toy sales? You bet your ass it would.

      1. MLP is also the reason girls toy brands that aren’t Monster High are doing badly. MLP is the top girls brand in Latin American countries and in the USA and UK. MLP is even tapping into the boys market with the upcoming movie and it’s recently introduced “Guardians of Harmony” toyline, which is aimed at being gender neutral and bronies as a whole, so MLP is a brand killer all around. It would destroy a SATAM reboot regardless.

  3. ffs make Sonic be for all ages like Dreamcast Sonic, at least for the 25th anniversary..

  4. Still dash 2 gets more money than Runners. Tis a Shame..
    boom is literally making fun of an icon

  5. I dont wanna believe that our Sonic Team has no more initiative spirit.. I DONT WANT TO

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