Sega Appoints Ivo Gerscovich as Head of Sonic Brand Outside Japan

Sega have just announced that they have appointed Ivo Gerscovich as the one in charge of the Sonic brand and its related businesses now outside of Japan, specifically the title Chief Brand Officer for the Sonic franchise in North America, Europe, the Middle East, and Australia. He will also now be the Senior Vice President of Sega of America.

Ivo Gerscovich

Previously, he served as Director of Marketing at Vivendi Games and Vice President of Global Marketing at Paramount Digital Entertainment.

The exact quote:

Additionally, Sega has named Ivo Gerscovich as the new head of the Sonic brand and its related businesses in North America, Europe, the Middle East, and Australia. Gerscovich will serve as the Sonic chief brand officer and senior vice president of Sega of America.

I wish Ivo the best of luck and success in his new role.

Via GameInformer. Photo via Connections by Le Book.

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  1. I recall this getting leaked on his LinkedIn account awhile back. I’ll have to find a link so people can look up more info on the guy’s work.

    He and Doug Bowser should totally do a promotional event together.

    1. LinkedIn account is here:

      “He’s got quite the credentials– lots of work for big companies, not to mention a fair amount of awards. Here’s the one review I was allowed to view without a LinkedIn account:

      “Ivo hired me to consult and manage social media, content and community for Paramount. He took on the task of coordinating my efforts with several other agencies he managed, keeping us in sync like clockwork. Ivo understands the importance of social strategy and the value of collaboration to reach results. He is a tireless explorer and listener, asking questions to ensure that he understands your recommendations, a fantastic collaborator, working with you closely to reach solutions, and a great visionary. He is easy to work with, while also challenging you to deliver the best possible service. He is a great customer, clearly articulating requirements to make your deliverables clear.”

      Sounds like just the kind of guy the Sonic franchise needs.

    2. I wonder if having the name Ivo and Bowser actually became that small edge they needed to get hired. Like SEGA and Nintendo’s PR department just lit up like it was Christmas at all the PR possibilities.

      All I can say to that that if your name starts or ends with a super villain name, start filling out resumes, NOW!

  2. I hope Ivo Gerscovich do well at Sega Of America California only to survive?

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