Japanese Sonic 25th Anniversary Website Launches

SEGA of Japan have today launched their 25th Anniversary website, and have already begun to populate the page with events and items set to be released for this year.


Included in the articles already listed on the page are details on two new pieces of Sonic merchandise from Japanese clothing label COSPA featuring a T-shirt and tote bag with the Passion & Pride CD artwork, and details of two upcoming events, a 25th anniversary birthday party and a SEGA Symphonic concert in Japan.

The website is mostly in Japanese, however it will no doubt be one of the first sites to update fans on any upcoming events and game. As such, TSS will be keeping a close eye in order to keep you all up to date!

Stay tuned for more!

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  1. You know, I have to wonder what they plan in the future for Classic & Boom Sonic. I feel like they’re trying to go the Mega Man route and make these three Sonics into their own branches of the franchise. I don’t quite like the prospect of Modern Sonic being thought of as a different entity than Classic Sonic, but it’s interesting to see how they’ve been promoting Classic and Modern alongside Boom so far.

    I also appreciate how this site goes through like… every Sonic game. Not just the classics, not just the adventure trio (including Heroes), not just Colors and Generations… all of them. Right down to the 8-bit titles and Sonic Boom. It’s nice to see how it’s commemorating the entirety of the series instead of just one era.

    1. Well, you say that, but I sat there for five minutes and couldn’t find (predictably) any mention of Sonic 06 in that banner at the top of the screen. I’m just wondering if the games in the banner are randomised, they certainly aren’t going in chronological order (though it doesn’t help that the thing scrolls SO slow…).

    2. No matter what Modern Sonic and Classic Sonic are still the same guy. It’s Boom Sonic that’s the start of a sub-francise for western kids. And you’re right I also think their going down the Mega Man route of the sub franchise series with Boom being the first. Hey if anything I wouldn’t be surprise of they made another Sonic anime as a sub-francise as well.

      (Oh God, please have them make a decent Sonic anime soon and not like Sonic X!)

      1. hmmm i thought about that possibility last year i believe .
        i am not interested in it unless if they reboot the canon and make a fresh start even if thats the case it would too big of a distraction ( which killed mega man) my advice for them focus on being GOOD first then afterwards start on putting standards and foundations for example look at ratchet and clank or mario they have their basic gameplay ideas figured out then they play with the implementation to create what we look at as unique .
        if they do that correctly i can say sonic will be back shape .
        side note : this is my opinion only but man if they could get rid of the BOOM universe its just annoying the characters seem dumb as if they were given the spongebob treatment i couldnt handle two full episodes, but then again if the kids are the main target for this series then its ok i can understand but man make a little bit smart guys its so stupid almost spongebob level .

    1. Sonic Boom is a part of Sonic’s history, with a game and a second season of the television show coming this year, whether you like it or not. You’re not contractually obligated to play, watch, or like it, but evidently Sega still wants to give it another go.

      This is like saying that you thought Sonic Generations would be great until you saw that Crisis City would be featured in the game. Sure Crisis City doesn’t come from the best of times, but who cares? Gens. strove to improve it, and even if you feel it failed, and its only one level in the game and there are plenty of other things about Gens to try and enjoy. You should view the 25th anniversary similarly– Boom might not be your personal favorite, but Sega is striving to improve it and even if you don’t like the results, you can still play other stuff in celebration of 25 years of Sonic.

  2. Ooh boy… Things are about to get interesting.

    Please be good interesting Sega. That’s all I ask.

  3. I can’t wait any longer Sega please I must know the fate of the Sonic Franchise depends on it…

    But seriously take your time, don’t want another 06!

    Can you believe it’s been 10 years since that abomination?

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