Yuji Naka & Takashi Iizuka To Attend SXSW 2016!


Yesterday we brought you news that there would be a number of Sonic themed events this year including a history of Sonic panel at SXSW 2016.

Well, you might want to seriously consider heading along to that because the details as to who is going to be on the panel have just been announced and what a lineup!

  • Aaron Webber
  • Austin Keys
  • Mike Pollock
  • Roger Craig Smith
  • Takashi Iizuka
  • Yuji Naka

Yes you read that right! Yuji Naka & Takashi Iizuka will be on the panel alongside two of the main voice actors!

Details of the event are as follows.

Date: Saturday March 19th

Venue: Austin Convention Centre

Website: SXSW.com

The description of the event is also interesting as it includes the following line…

Join us as we celebrate the past and look to the future!

Planing on going to this? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Where is the Naoto Oshima or Carol Yas. They are the base of essence! Art and level design. Yuji Naka was a good programmer, but a bad producer.

    1. I’m gonna guess that Ooshima-san and Yasuhara-san are a bit busy this year? Ooshima-san’s company does constantly-updating iOS games and Yasuhara-san currently works for Nintendo.

  2. Something on my mind is the fact the last time we had Naka return for Sonic related events was when Generations came out, making me all the more curious as to what this year’s 25th title could be since Naka seems involved only when a highlight/peak moment for Sonic is coming.

    Which… Also makes it concerning…

      1. “We heard all your suggestions and your feedback. That is why we’re announcing Sonic boom: fire and ice will be the anniversary game”

    1. Right-o! When the angry mob comes in, I’ll just point them in your general direction.

      Just for clarification, are your Frankenstein or Frankenstien’s monster? I always get the two confused.

        1. “Staff Edit: Find a better way to express yourself if you wish to retain the ability to comment.”

          Damn, I knew I went a little too much with the Frankenstein comment. I pushed the joke too far.

          It’s true…I have been getting too lazy with my comebacks. So what you’re saying is that if I’m going to mock all these poor chumps, that I at least should aim for a higher level of quality trolling that is indicative of this site’s reputation.

          So be it. Good bye Staff Edit, I’m off to train in the Guiena Islands.

  3. The guy that teased us from a monhts, guy who’s responsible for product development at Sega, two main voice actors, curent and past producer. This thing will be interesting.

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