Sonic Revolution: Sonic Boom TV Show Producer & Writer Confirmed As Special Guests

Sonic Revolution 2016 has announced the attendance of two more special guests to their event roster.


Co-executive producer on the Sonic Boom TV series, Bill Freiberger, will be in attendance. In addition to his production role, Bill also provides the voices of Comedy Chimp and Lady Walrus, and was one of the writers on the Sonic Boom comics during their run.


Accompanying Bill is Alan Denton, Creative consultant and writer for the Sonic Boom TV series, accredited with penning such classic episodes as “Battle of the Boybands” and “Cowbot”.

An additional ticket option “Classic Sonic Pass” is now available for $4.99 via EventBrite, which grant entry into the event. All tickets are available at

To find out more about the event, visit the Sonic Revolution Website

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    1. Considering that Battle of the Boy Bands is one of the best Boom episodes, I’d say it is a “classic”.

  1. Oh man, Cowbot and Battle Of The Boybands were 2 of my top 10 favorite episodes from the show. That man is a great writer, I hope he has a lot more great ideas for season 2 and hopefully beyond.

  2. I have the urge to punch this guy in the face. Honestly, I can’t stand Boom. It’s pure Sonic cancer.

    1. If Boom qualifies as pure Sonic cancer, then you must have been contaminated quite a lot, seeing as you keep showing up in these topics. We’ll have to quarantine your posts against it’s toxicity.

      I give you 5-10 minutes at tops. I would tell you to make your peace and go with God, but something tells me he wouldn’t want to see ya.

    1. Yeah! How dare they try to improve from there mistakes? I’m going to keep getting butthurt over stupid things like blue arms. All I care about is SA3! Don’t like it? Ignore it FFs!

      1. Just get someone that is better for the series. What these guys have made and what they excel in, does not reflect Sonic as a franchise, as a style. Blue arms? That’s not a big deal, nobody is still upset over that, that’s dumb shit. How about not getting so butthurt over stuff that you shouldn’t get butthurt about? I just prefer Adventure over Boom, yes Adventure I liked those games. Improve? Why improve when you can just do it faster and replace someone with someone more competent?

  3. O men I was hoping to see Aarron Webber from last year because he is very nice person of all treating Sonic properly from all fans & also Sonic The Hedgehog 20th Anniversary & Sonic The Hedgehog 25th Anniversary this year also.

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