UPDATE: Unreleased Sonic Game SegaSonic Bros Found

If this is a hoax, well done. If not… Oh my! An unreleased, unknown Sonic game entitled ‘SegaSonic Bros’ has been found and a single photo shared online.

Now, you might be thinking ‘anyone could have done this’. That’s right – however, when that ‘anyone’ is the same guy who recently found and dumped the SegaSonic Popcorn maker game, odds are it’s the real deal.


No footage has been released yet, but we’ll be keeping a VERY close eye on this one.

Source: Tumblr


This is starting to look more and more like the real deal, aside from old magazine scans supporting the claim, a second image has now come to light along with more details.


It was created by the creator of Bubble Bobble, Fukio Mitsuji, apparently the game went to a location test and failed.

Source: Tumblr

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  1. Holy hell. What could have THIS been?
    The other two Sonics resemble Mighty and Ray’s colors respectively, so perhaps and early build of SegaSonic?

      1. I mean Ray and Mighty were pretty much just recolors of Sonic. One is young, has a fluffy tail and can fly, theoretically while the other is older, gruffer voiced with a pointy nose and is strong. No wonder they aren’t used anymore. They were replaced by Tails and Knuckles. They’re the missing link between Sonic and Tails, and between Sonic and Knuckles. The Sonic Bros is the link between Sonic and Mighty and between Sonic and Ray. It’s like phases of a transformation sequence.

  2. This is one of the most interesting Sonic news items I’ve read in quite a while. It’s quite something that they got to recolors of Sonic before Internet fans in the 2000’s.

  3. Now the question is:

    1. When will this game be dumped?
    2. Where would it fit in the Sonic canon?
    3. Is Sonic a triplet now?

    1. 1. Who knows?
      2 and 3. It’s a scrapped game so none of that matters. It never came to light.

  4. It’s, uh…a little early for April Fools, don’t you think? The last thing I want is another excuse for assholes to spread more Sonic OC jokes. Because I’m getting really, REALLY sick of those.

  5. This must be an early Segasonic build. Either that or fan made game kept in the shadows to get attention

  6. Thank God they didn’t go with it. The name makes it sound like a Mario Bros knock off.

  7. Wowwww. I’m glad this wasn’t released. XD That could have ended up badly. (Or, perhaps it did get released. It looks like it’s SegaSonic the Hedgehog’s beta.)

  8. Mein Gott! SEGA where such revolutionary geniuses that nobody understood their forward thinking!

    I mean to come up with the concept of lazy Sonic OC recolors before even the concept of Photoshop, the internet or even a Sonic fandom is an idea truly ahead of it’s time! BRILLIANT!!

    Only makes their fall from grace even more depressing. Best creatively bankrupt idea that came out of Sonic in years was SANIC and they didn’t even made that! What happened SEGA?

  9. Anyone else remember that issue of Sonic X with the multicolored Sonics?
    It’s issue 25, by the way.

      1. Yes, really. Anyone could create such an image as you yourself said in the article. Just because he’s a previously trustworthy source doesn’t exclude him from pulling a prank once in a while in fact, that fact makes it easier for him to do so and for it to work.

  10. I heard about this game a little while back. It was designed by Fukio Mitsuji, the creator of Bubble Bobble. It was re-purposed into the Game Gear game Popils (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Popils) just so you know what to expect. It’s a puzzle game.

    This track from the “Sing! Sega Sega Music” CD was originally meant for Sonic Brothers (though this is arranged and has lyrics which the original wouldn’t have):


    That’s all I knew about it though, this is the first time I’ve seen any pictures of it.

    1. Actually, it seems like Popils was 1991 and this is dated 1992, so it’s probably the other way around (they were going to translate Popils into Sonic Brothers).

  11. I imagine this was cancelled to do being a desperate attempt to mimic Super Mario Bros. I wonder if this was reconstructed into Sonic The Arcade game. Notice how Sonic’s brothers have a color scheme that resemble Mighty and Ray, who accompanied Sonic in that game.

  12. The title screen appears to show Green Hill Zone as it looked in the first Sonic The hedgehog, the trees look m,ore alike than the other green hills from the other games.

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