Nuremberg Toy Fair Reveals New 25th Anniversary Details!


Toy Fair season is still in full swing, with London done with, the party rolled into Nuremberg and with it came a lot of new toys and some very interesting 25th anniversary details thanks to our friends over at

Let’s just go over what we know first, we know that Tomy are making a range of classic toys for Sonic’s 25th, we have seen the scans from their catalogues and we have actually seen the physical prototypes in the flesh.

However, Nuremberg provided one very surprising detail, that being Boom Sonic appears to be included in the 25th celebrations!

tomy25th_figuresThis photo shows the already known classic range and a Sonic Boom figure with an alternative 25th anniversary logo. Now stop right there, think about this for a moment.

This doesn’t automatically confirm Boom Sonic in the 25th celebrations, this is a prototype box, in the past Tomy has used other figures to represent designs which have yet to be finalised, this might not be a Boom Sonic figure, but a Modern Sonic instead, a line which Tomy has not touched for years.

There is strong evidence for this included in this article, look at the picture at the top of the article, see the classic designed plushies? The Sonic one at the moment has a temporary Sonic Boom tag, not the final one.

But one thing is very clear from this, we now know why there are so many logos, they seem to be used to represent different eras, so it’s likely the classic inspired one which we have seen so often is for the classic era, this one is likely to be used for either Boom or Modern Sonic.


The other very interesting detail which seems to be a reoccurring trend is the use of pixel imagery for the 25th.

Take a look at this photo of the large Classic Sonic Plush.


Now look back at the figures posted earlier, now compare it to this image.


Notice the use of pixels in both imagery, even in the recent tease posted on various Sonic social media outlets pixels are used again, and this follows on from one person at Sega dropping the line ‘pixel Sonic’

Now I can only speculate here, but if you cast your minds back to when Generations was announced, the original trailer included a lot of ‘white space’ in it, we then found out that was a key element of the game, is what we’re seeing here an indication of what might be found in the next major Sonic title?

Another new surprise was this 25th anniversary Comic Boom pack.


As mentioned in our original report on Toy Fair, the show also included some classic Sonic figures which we were very impressed with.


We really hope that the quality of those isn’t lost when they go into mass production since its very high.

Also included in the fair were a number of new Boom toys, we reported on them in our London Toy Fair report, however we can now show you more detailed photographs.


First up is a Metal Sonic plush, we really liked this one when we saw it, can’t wait until this gets released.


But the biggest surprise for us were these big head plushies, Orbot & Cubot especially, but the Metal Sonic one were by far the runaway stars with us, we’ll be getting these day one for sure.

And one final surprise, we think that this might be the first time that the new F4F Tornado statue has been shown in the flesh.


You can read and see more photos of the toys over at

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  1. Man Knuckles has a really big head! Hoping the comic pack is a sign that the toys will not just be for anniversary but a continuing toyline!

  2. I feel like we’ve really come to a stalemate in terms of Sonic merchandise. Looking at this page, even though it’s all new merchandise, I feel like it’s stuff I’ve either already seen or already own. The only things that really says “wow” to me are the F4F statue and the orbot/cubot plushes.

  3. I’m honestly going to laugh if it turns out to basically be a Generations sequel, after they literally said they don’t ever plan on making a sequel to that game. It doesn’t have to literally be “Generations 2”, but if it is in the same vein as how Lost World is essentially a reworked (wonkier) Colors then that would be enough reason for me, not that I wouldn’t mind another chance to see reimagined worlds in 3D form again. Though if the whole pixelization thing is any indication, might this work out like Super Mario Maker, only with 3D sections and speediness?

    1. well dude we dont know because sonic generations was out 5 years ago so i think there might be another squeal for the sonic generations game but i keep on seeing alot of rumors about sonic generations 2.

  4. So the name of the next game will be Sonic Pixels 😛
    I was really hoping we get some news about the new game on Groundhog day but that didn’t happen…

  5. You all remember that rumor about “Sonic Genesis: The Origin of Chaos” or whatever it was? I’m starting to speculate that the anniversary game is something like that. I’m serious. All the pixels in the merchandise and art, the Green Hill Zone looking different (even in yesterday’s adorable Hedgehog Day video) and more old… the very abundance of Classic everywhere, even! These could all just be marketing gimmicks to celebrate just how long this hedgehog has been afloat, but the consistent design of Green Hill is what raises my eyebrows.

  6. I just really don’t want the Boom series to be part of the anniversary (in terms of games). It’s a spinoff, and in the world of games, it was a horrible flop on an otherwise decent rebound for Sonic The Hedgehog.

  7. Are there any figures for the modern designs? Or characters other then Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles for them?

  8. Loving the classic representation, but I hope they lay off Boom just a LITTLE. I really don’t think it is worthy of being such a huge part of Sonic’s 25th anniversary… Their Facebook and Twitter will make fun of ’06 and Unleashed to no end, but for some reason they hold Boom in this SUPER high regard XD

  9. I just realized. I read the Sonic Tumblr’s tags all the time, and they constantly say things like “the pieces are coming together….” Could this have to do with the pixels? Pieces as in “pixels?”

  10. well we all know that the celebration is coming but i wonder if SEGA make any eggman pushies for this anniversary because all of us know that the anniversary will feature other edition packs or maybe bonus packs or DLCs like sonic lost world yeah i hope this 25th anniversary be more like sonic adventure and be in all home consoles.

  11. Every time I look at that 25th Aniversary image, I keep looking at Boom Sonic and saying “GET OUT! You have done nothing to deserve being in this picture!” out loud.

  12. Interesting thing about the pixels, I wonder what it’ll lead to! Also, I can understand the hate for Boom-plushies, but I think it’s a bit tricky for Sega because they still want the cartoon series to go well (and it currently is!) so it’s good for them to push Boom products. However, it is a little annoying given the bad games 😛

  13. Well, it’s nice to see that the comic packs didn’t die when Jazwares stopped making Sonic figures. I remember getting a crystal blue Sonic figure that was exclusive to a Jazwares comic pack.

  14. Sorry, but when I asked they said the Sonic Universe Cover had nothing to do with the actual contents, they just used it because they didn’t have anything better for the dummy. It will not be a comic packed with two figures…

  15. How tall are the Classic Sonic, Tails and Knuckles figures? Am I right in thinking about 3 inches? They look awesome. And I’m not sure what the coins are.

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