Nazo Unleashed Sequel Reveals Intro Sequence, Release Date

Chakra-X has revealed a teaser for the intro sequence for his sequel to the popular fan creation Sonic: Nazo Unleashed on his YouTube channel, where he’s announced you can support him during the creation of the independently animated project via Patreon – aiming for a release in 2019.

In the clip, we see Sonic, Tails and Knuckles flying to face Dr. Eggman in his newest battleship to regain the Master Emerald, once again lost by Knuckles through a not-so-smart trick. You can garner a sample of the quality of animation here – I think we can all agree, it’s very impressive!

A sequel to the original three part hit series released originally on Newgrounds, The Wrath of Nazo will be a 30 minute special providing closure on the final scene teased in the final part of the trilogy. The original series is still extremely popular, with a recent re-release titled “Nazo Unleashed DX” in 2014 amassing over 8 million views. His first ever YouTube edition of the show in 2008 gathered over 12 million views on Part 1.

You can support Sonic: The Wrath of Nazo on Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr. You can also support Chakra-X on Patreon.

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    1. Well gee, it’s almost as if Sega’s buried so much of any potential interest in Sonic under their stupid mandates that people want to fill that void with fan-favourite characters and ideas.

      1. “blatant DBZ weeboo fanwanking”
        “fan-favorite characters and ideas”
        “potential interest”

        ….why am I still a Sonic fan if THIS crap is supposedly the peak of Sonic’s potential?

        Somebody call me when Sonic or his fans start ripping off something good, like Lupin The 3rd or JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure.

        1. Did you watch the original? It was work of love and dedication that had many references to Adventure and Sonic 3 & Knuckles. Even if you don’t like Dragon Ball Z the Dragon Ball series is also one the most popular anime/manga to exist and with Pokemon, Digimon and Sailor Moon helped make Anime popular in the west. Also Sonic would be a more fitting adaption of Full Metal Alchemist than JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure.

  1. OH MAN I’M SO HYPED FOR THIS. First the SMBZ reboot, now this… all we need now is a better version of Sonic X Cosmic Chase xD Anyone else remember that colossal disappointment?

  2. So we have to wait until 2018 for the movie and 2019 for this?
    Oh boy the wait will be killer, time to pull out the silly puddy string and play with it until it arrives!

  3. Wow the quality of animation is indeed impressive. No wonder it’ll take so long!
    Really looking forward to it.

  4. This looks amazing. I remember the original. Really looking forward to this!! Shame it’s 3 blooming years away ?☹️

  5. WHOA! Decent animation AND original voice acting!? Well color me excited! 2019 though? Geez, this thing must be going to be huge if it’ll take him that long. I mean the quality of this trailer alone is like galaxies ahead of the original animation. I can’t wait to see this, seems to be the era where old newgrounders are returning from the shadows. X3

  6. I think I broke the replay button. This is what Sonic is about, not cheap gimmicks that has no creativity. Sega please take notes of what the fans really want with Sonic.

    1. Um, you do know this isn’t a video game right? What “gimmicks” could there be that apply in animation here?

      1. Well the closest I can think of would be DBZ tropes, but isn’t that kind of the point of the whole project anyway?

        1. Yes, DBZ circle jerking is the point of THIS particular long gestating project. But why in God’s name would anyone want this childish tripe in the video games?

          Is this a nostalgia thing? Did the Kids who loved the Adventure stuff didn’t get enough Shonen nonsense in their lifetime?

          1. Don’t you have anything better to do aside from trashing the Adventure series and those who enjoyed it with your snide remarks?

          2. @DeClan – of course I do. But making snide remarks at the expense of your favorite series is how I get my jollies 😀

            Plus, y’all heard of multi-tasking?

            @Azul – Apparently, someone named Steven would really like it if the video games where more like an age old Newgrounds cartoon about fighting glowing hedgehogs.

            I assume he has a last name but I’m not sure: I wanna say Galaxy? Cosmos? Local Star Cluster? I’ll get it eventually

      2. I know, i’m just saying that this is the type of epicness fans want to see in Sonic. It’s sad that the fans could make a better story plot than the actual creators.

        1. Yeah, not to mention they nail the tone of the series most of the times without making it too kiddy nor too dark, seriously most Sonic fans understand what Sonic was supposed to be all about but Sega has been in its stubborn path of “attracting younger gamers and Mario fans” since Colors with awful results (based on sales), but hope that task was passed on to Sonic Boom and that modern Sonic goes back to the cool way it was, guess the anniversary title will give us the answer.

        2. That’s why the CGI/Live action fan film was so amazing~ XP

          Dude we know nothing of the plot. I actually tho k the plot of Nazo Unleashed as a bit dumb and this won’t be that much better BUT I think the execution will be pretty great so we won’t even care about the writing beyond character writing and action scenes. 🙂

  7. Holy crap. He really got good. That’s the best fan animation (for Sonic) I’ve e we seen! It was fluid and had original voices this time that all sounded official and legitimate and fit really well. 🙂 and it wasn’t just a clip. I mean it was but it was part of something actually happening.

  8. God, it looks so great. The only thing I ask for is more characters. You rarely do see the use of the others outside of the main three here (and Shadow) in fan projects like this.

    1. No doubt despite not making an appearance in the trailer, Shadow WILL be present since he was in the first one, Nazo Unleashed along with Sonic Tails and Knuckles.
      But yeah more characters would be awesome, I’d love to see Silver in this one since he looks an awful lot like Nazo and it would be cool to see his reaction to Nazo!
      But I have a feeling that he’ll be like “He destroyed my Future” and what not…. still
      Blaze would be great too!

    2. Ohhhh no! Oh nonono!

      This is what they all asked for many o’ years ago…. The fated tale of… ‘fan service’.. *shiver*

      1. Oh just be quiet, there’s nothing wrong with the other characters. They’re the most interesting and fun characters in gaming ever conceived!

  9. For Sonic fan animation, it’s nice to see quality and effort being put here, even if it’s just a teaser.

  10. Wow. After all these years, he’s finally going to do it himself. This is really REALLY awesome to hear. Also, that animation looks so good… so good. It’s stunning. I think it’s funny though how we just got news that the Sonic Movie will hit in 2018 now here comes Nazo Unleashed topping that with a 2019 release. Many things there are to look forward to. 😀

    1. …….I’m not sure I understand why.

      But this post. This is a very underrated post. It like encapsulates everything you need to know about this article.

  11. Hell yeah! I don’t even mind the waiting, The Power of Nazo was really cool and this feels like will only get better in every aspect, now this ladies and gentlemen is what Sonic is about; thrilling action and adventure, with spirit and a sense of epicness, not the lame sitcom Sega turned the franchise into since Sonic Colors.

  12. Ohhhh Sonic Wrath Of The Nazo movie looks better than Sonic Nazo Unleashed from 2006 verion & HD to but this version looks super perfect animation gerogous for!!! Sonic Nazo Unleashed sequel is a next generation new Sonic fan movie this year by Charka X on YouTube thank you for making Sonic Wrath Of The Nazo movie super perfect animation gerogous right there for our fans of it to take a lot of effort like comparing to Sega to make new Sonic movie with Sony Pictures & Sonic Team, also!!!

  13. Best thing to happen to Sonic in awhile, folks. I wish this man all the luck he deserves. This is a very ambitious project, and I’ll wait til 3019, if I have to.

  14. That animation. Those voices!

    Want want want WANT WANT! TAKE ALL MY MONEY (and do nothing but work on this until it’s completed)!

  15. Okay, who is that voicing Sonic? Because that’s a VERY impressive Roger Craig Smith impression.

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