Mario & Sonic Rio 2016 launches 8th April in Europe


Just announced via Nintendo of Europe’s official Twitter page, Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games will be hitting European store shelves in a couple of months on Friday 8th April. Starring gaming’s two biggest icons in their fifth sporting crossover since 2007, the new game in the best-selling franchise promises more characters, more events, and more fun than ever before.

This follows the recent announcement from Nintendo of America that Mario & Sonic’s latest Olympic face-off would be arriving across the pond on 18th March, a few weeks prior to the newly announced European release date.

Please note both of these dates are only for the 3DS version of the game, with the Wii U version following later in the year – presumably to coincide with the launch of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games themselves. We’ll keep you posted as soon as an official date is revealed.

Are you excited to see Mario & Sonic in Rio? Will you be picking up the 3DS version on 18th March or 8th April, depending on your region? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. From Australia and hell yes I’m picking it up!
    It’s got a story mode and the last 3DS Olympic game had an epic story line

  2. I’m kind of on the fence for both versions. Mainly because the images and videos seem to imply that characters can only be used in a handful of events each.

    On the one hand, I get why they would do that. You don’t see athletes compete in multiple events that often. You wouldn’t see a hammer thrower on the balance beam, or a weight lifter on the pole vault.

    But on the other hand, every game before this one gave characters near complete and total freedom about what event they can compete in. Why double the roster size if you can only use most of them for one event?

    1. Only the 3DS version has that “one event per character” limit (or 2 events).

      The Wii U version let’s you be as free as the wind with choosing characters and events.

  3. As usual, SEGA doesn’t give a f*** about Europe. No retail versions for most of their games, postponed launching dates… they said they wanted to find back the customer’s trust but they took the wrong way, once again.

  4. Kinda sucks to be in England. I’ll probably be playing Gameboy Pokemon and some other games in the mean time though…

  5. Maro an Soinc @ da Lympic Gams, the video gam 5. You lik tha other one, so please this one to. Also sports. Maro and Soinc friend enemies in this gam. Same gam, different play. Maybe.

    Please buy.

  6. I’ll get it only on the Wii U. Hopefully the Sonic model looks as good as Smash 4 style. I always hated the mouth in the middle.

  7. If I were you, I’d buy the USA one, and then use homebrew to use region-free playing, but with only legitimate cartridges.

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