New Sonic 25th Anniversary Licensing & Merchandise Details Revealed


Sega have revealed more details regarding Sonic’s 25th anniversary, it seems that their plans might be a lot bigger than anyone first predicted. In terms of licensing, Tomy is still the ‘master toy partner’ however this will be supported by over 100 additional partners worldwide!

We can now reveal some of those partners.

  • Accutime Watch (watches)
  • Bentex Group (children and junior’s swimwear)
  • (pre-paid and bank credit cards)
  • Concept One Accessories (headwear and cold weather accessories)
  • H2W/Sunstache (novelty eyewear)
  • Komar Brands (children’s sleepwear)
  • LoungeFly (buttons and stickers)
  • Rubber Road (holiday sweaters, socks, keychains)
  • Signorelli (women and juniors apparel)
  • Toy Factory (entertainment/amusement plush)
  • Vandor (novelty drinkware)

Out of curiosity we decided to take a look at each of those companies, one of which already has a bunch of new Sonic products listed, now I don’t believe these to be 25th anniversary merchandise since they were announced back in December 2015, however Vandor’s website lists them as being ‘new’ so I’m going to show you all them here just in case they turn out to be the goods. Also it gives you a good idea as to what to expect.

Homepage License Hero_MLP_v2

You can view the full range in more detail at Vandor’s website.

Source: Global License. 

P.S. Check back later this week, TSS was at the London Toy Fair the other day, we have held actual 25th anniversary merch in our arms, you won’t want to miss it.

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  1. Interesting that Nanco is no longer making the arcade plushes, Toy Factory, huh? Hopefully they’ll make more then just Sonic, Shadow, Tails and Knuckles. Also, what happened at Toy Fair 2016? Anything?

  2. Ooh, look at you guys with your NDA-protected materials! 🙂

    The 25th anniversary looks strong on the Classic merch. Though I’m interested to see what Modern Mainline merch is coming. 🙂

  3. Im hella back log with sonic reviews as it is and more stuff is coming out……awww man time to get my groove on!

  4. well i think this anniversary will be something big this year but i can tell this anniversary is gonna be a huge success like sonic heros and sonic generations.

  5. I WANT that lunchbox set! It’s been so long since I ever had a lunch box like that, but I would gladly start again if it was that one! X3

  6. I agree with them not being entirely new I vaguely remember seeing that mug and those cups a couple years back in a Spencer’s,so some may be new merchandise but not all of it

  7. More classic Sonic merchandising.
    How “fascinating”, mostly never used to grab nostalgic people’s attention.

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