1. A lot of these look like they’d fit more if Sonic Boom were a 2D animation instead of a slower-paced 3D one.

    1. Agreed. Why do companies keep thinking French studios know how to make 3D cartoons? 2D is where they’re king, go with that!

      Also, Dudes vs Evil just sounds like a better concept, let alone a better game, in general.

      1. It sounds like a title card for an Ed, Edd, n’ Eddy episode… except… Sonic-ified. I have to wonder what the purpose of that subtitle would be, perhaps for a TV special or movie, I’d assume. (And probably a lack of Amy & Sticks in main roles.)

  2. So glad they didn’t go with that “Dudes vs Evil” subtitle. But then I’d be even more glad if they didn’t make that vapid, patronizing, merchendise-shilling waste of a “kid”‘s show in the first place.

    1. as supposed to the other vapid, patronizing, merchandise-shilling waste of “kids” shows Sonic had in over 20 years. Tell me, in your enlightened opinion, which show is supposed to be the “good” one?

      1. Also, just a quick question, FalconKick, what exactly DO you like from the Sonic franchise? I’m just curious since you give the illusion you don’t like anything from it which begs the question; why are you here? Again, just a question, not a personal attack.

        1. I will see your questions and raise you much better questions:

          1) Since when is being a fan of anything means that one must have blind loyalty to your subject in the face of very obvious faults?

          2) Does being a fan mean one must don the mantle of idealist, and cannot be a realist or a perhaps a pessimist?

          3) What does it mean to be a fan of something that deliberately targets outside your particular demographic?

          4) Is one still a fan of something when they KNOW the franchise they admire has gone bad and the fandom as a result has gone bad, but they cannot bring themselves to simply leave it be?

          As you notice, none of those questions are even relevant to the topic that was being discussed. Which is the quality of the Sonic shows. Which is why I heckled at the guy because I feel it’s hypocritical to question the quality of Sonic Boom for the base crime of being a comedic take on Sonic, when NONE of the Sonic shows have ever reached a level of quality that was barely above average…No, not even SatAM and Sonic X, for all their subjective popularity over their “SUPPER CERIUZ” nature. Only the OVA Movie could really be said to have been “good”…ok, decent at worst, okay at best. It wasn’t the best anime movie ever but in terms of Sonic media, it’s practically the best one. Personally, i would put Boom only in 2nd place, because while it is childish and formuliac for most of the show and the budget is so low you can see the strings, the cast is superb, and when the show wants to be funny, it is REALLY funny. It’s the best Sonic show to date.

          Now to answer any of your questions would take me a long time in contemplation and self-investigation, add in a ton of herbal tea and homegrown drugs and maybe a week dressed in a Sonic costume. But I suppose if I have to make a general response, is just I’m not really a fan of ANY video game franchise that takes shortcuts, easy way outs, plays it safe, values quantity of sales over quality of product or has no confidence in their games that they substitute real substance that can restore faith among the dissidents with superfluous crap that only the really niche fans will get, like extending the lore, or making the graphics better or getting so-so to guest voice or whatever…if only for a slight moment. This applies to everything from Sonic to Street Fighter to Star Trek and Superman. I see bullshit, I call it out..loud. And there will be lots of collateral damage.

          Finally, I will answer the last question because that is the one I can answer with confidence:

          WHY AM I HERE?

          For shits and giggles….and information. But mostly shits and giggles.

    2. Not sure what you’re comparing this to, as far as Cartoon Network shows that are actually still around, considering there’s only two or three (to my knowledge, although the UK seems to get a lot less shows on CN) shows on there that aren’t like this anyway. Besides, honestly, I’m pretty sure people our age thought the same thing about the Sonic shows we enjoyed when we were the same age as the kids that enjoy Boom are. Especially AOSTH and Sonic Underground (don’t get me wrong, I love Underground, it’s my second favourite Sonic show with SATAM in first despite it being almost as bad, but it was far from a flawless kids show, even at the time).

      Besides, Sonic shows have always existed mainly to shift Sonic merch, in fact, this was far more prevalent back in the ’90s when the aforementioned shows existed, same reason basically every kids show that wasn’t by Warner Bros. or Disney existed back then. Of course, this trend is still happening now with the likes of Sonic Boom, the assorted Lego shows, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and the new Transformers show, to name a few. It’s just a common business practice that has been tried and tested and, unfortunately, works on the impressionable kids so it’s gonna keep happening.

  3. DUDES VS EVIL is so silly. But its a terrible tagline… God I can already hear the “Dudes vs Evil & Knuckles” jokes that would have been made based on it.

    Either way, I’m glad they went with the final version of the logo. Looks much better.

  4. I kinda like the bottom-middle one a lot. The explosion effect fits in with the actual BOOM! part moreso than the final one.

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