MegaDrive or Dreamcast? Plus Many Other Problems Solved At Weston Super Sonic

Mega Drive or Dreamcast? Classic or Modern? Also, who is Brenda?!

For those of you living under a rock, last weekend saw the return of the annual Weston Super Sonic convention. An ever expanding event where Sonic fans from across the UK meet up to enjoy a variety of Sonical festivities.

The Opinion Zone podcast (frequently seen here on this very site) made their live d├ębut to a live audience that day too! What starts out simply as a live version of their regular “Ask Uncle Poxxy” segment turns into a full blown “Defeat Donnie” quiz. Can Donnie (played by a member of the crowd) win against the egotistical Uncle Poxxy? And how well do the audience do at giving clues for Iblis in a random instance of charades?

Keep an eye on The Sonic Show for more Weston Super Sonic coverage over the week!

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  1. “Robotnik may have more meaning behind his English name than you think. Peasants in the Austro-Hungarian empire who revolted against rich landowners in the late 19th century were called robotniks. Derived from the Czechoslovakian words for work and forced labor; and an older Slavic term for slave. How do you spell Czechoslovakia?” I’m dying!?

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