Opinion Zone 25: A Donnie VS A Johnny

Who is the bigger gamer nerd?

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Today we do a special mini episode focusing on our favourite section, Defeat Donnie! For those that do not know, Donnie is all over the Internet. He is on The Sonic Show, TSSZ news, Sonic Paradox, Hellfire Commentaries, FTCR, Tails Channel (once I think), he is everywhere like a fungus. So if he is going to be king of Sonic media, he should really know his stuff.  Every episode, a lovely person gets to go head to head with Donnie and see if he really knows his Sonic stuff. And what better person to put Donnie to the test than the one and only SomeCallMeJohnny!

Don’t forget to check out Johnny’s work at http://youtube.com/user/somecallmejohnny



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