Sonic Talk 34: Sonic Boomiversary with Aaron Webber Interview

It’s been almost one year Since the Sonic Boom franchise officially launched with both the games and T.V. series and we celebrate by looking back on the first season. Join Jason, GX and guest Evil Dr. Reef as we discuss not only Sonic Boom, but the latest Sonic news and make Stick puns. Mostly by accident.

After that, Jason gets a one hour, one-on-one interview with the man who made Sonic the coolest thing on Twitter, Sega’s own Aaron Webber! He talks about Sonic Boom, the upcoming Sonic Lost World and much more including some exclusive Sonic Boom info This one’s a must-listen!

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      1. Oh, that makes sense, I was missing some context.

        And wait, more content? Like what? What would they add to that?

        1. there is no “extra content” it’s the same game for the Wii U just for steam, infact there will be no yoshi island or legend of zelda DLC for the pc (through the nights DLC will be in it) so there is probably going to be even less content, the only “extra content ” I can think of is, you guessed it, the modding comunity

          1. Somebody will probably just recreate the Zelda and Yoshi levels, maybe even make a Super Mario Galaxy level, lol. X)

  1. That was pretty great. I had no idea that was a fan dressed up as “real world” Sonic. I kind of assumed it might have been Roger Craig Smith, considering how well synced the voice and mouth movements were. But wow, I can’t wait to find out who that is!

    Also, I really liked the Boom intro remix at the end, is there a link where I can listen to that on it’s own or anything?

  2. Man, Aaron is such an awesome dude. He’s really one with the fans, and I totally appreciate his mentality with the brand and social media. Just seeing someone who has such a clear understanding of how the franchise is and how people will react to it, it makes me feel safe. Even his comparison between Sonic and Mario makes me feel like things are going better now.

    And wow, I always thought the IRL Sanic was Roger himself. It’s now time for me to frequent the internet to find out who he is. XD

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