Sonic Runners To Get Major Bug Fix & Raid Boss?

runnersraidbossSonic Runners continues it’s steady stream of event announcements with a halloween themed event centred around Zazz. However, this event is unlike any previous events held in Sonic Runners so far.

Typically, players have been asked to rescue animals or collect certain special items in a bid to get various rewards. However this new event appears to be very different as it’s described as a ‘raid event.’


Roughly translated the text warns players of a ‘strong enemy Zazz Raid,’ traditionally, raid enemies are powerful enemies which drop a huge number of rewards when defeated.

However that’s not the only announcements, details of the next version of the game have also been posted and two major bugs, one of which we posted details about as well as a fix back at the start of August,¬†might finally be fixed. That being the clear cache bug.¬†


As it stands right now, Sonic Runners doesn’t remove any old event data or notification data, even if it’s totally worthless. e.g. notifications with dates on them. This means that if you have had the game since day 1 and never performed any maintenance, then the game is actually storing nearly 2GB+ if you have never cleared the cache/redundant memory files from the game.

Well it appears that there will now be an option in the game to actually perform this task without having to connect your device to a computer and manually doing it.

It also seems that Facebook options/settings will also be enabled in this version too.

It’s expected that this update will come within the next week or two.

Source: Twitter.

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  1. As cool as this is, I wish the bugfixes and Facebook updates were present from the onset of the worldwide release. There is something to be said for better late than never, but I still feel like those shouldn’t need a patch, they should just be there from the onset.

  2. Well at least they’re fixing SOMETHING that needs actual addressing. Now if only that damn roulette wheel would be replaced with something less cheap and ethically questionable. XP

  3. Hope the update fixes crashing issues. Whenever I play the game on my Xperia Z3 phone it will load Sky Road & Lava Mountain fine but when it’s Windy Hill the game just crashes when the progress bar on the loading screen is a little over half way.

  4. Good they’re fixing the cache issue, but why is it still a manual action? Files have timestamps from when they were created; just automatically delete those a month old or more once a day.

    The cache fix is also a very simple thing to implement; why has it taken a few months to sort it out?

  5. Took ’em fuckin long enough, good to see they aren’t dropping support for this.

    …really, though, what is the fascination with Zazz? Like, him specifically, and not the rest of the Deadly six? Was he anyone’s favorite? I always thought Zor was the most popular because of his complete apathy to the game’s completely apathetic plot.

    1. Zazz is considered to be the Deadly Six’s “mascot”, and it’s easy to see why. He’s the only who really feels “deadly”, like they’re all supposed to be, being a bloodthirsty lunatic. And what really sells him is Liam O’Brien’s performance.

    2. If I recall correctly, Pontaff is mostly powerless in terms of Sonic stuff but were able to secure Orbot and Cubot as recurring characters rather than having them both be dropped after Colors like Sonic Team originally intended. Maybe they were able to do likewise for Zazz.

      1. I’m glad they saved Orbot and Cubot.

        Zazz also fits right in with their writing style, with Pontac having worked on MadWorld, and Graff being one of the creators of Happy Tree Friends.

    3. Personally, I saw Zavok as the best one, mainly because of how effective he was as a villain. He wqas able to drain the planet of its energy, and he did what no other villain had the brains to do. Go for Sonic’s friends first.

      “One by one, your friends have fallen. Soon, you’ll be all alone…”

      That line still gives me chills.

    4. From a visual perspective, Zazzles looks far more interesting and intimidating: He’s a a gaunt, wirey, rasberry colored punk-rock maniac who looks like he picked up his table manners from Venom and Carnage. And among the Deadly Six, he’s the one who isn’t the slightest bit redeemable (Even Zavok, Zeena and Zix have some sympathetic qualities; Zazz is just cra-cra).

      Finally, he has a wicked rock-ska/bluegrass theme song that he shares with the rest of the group. You can’t hate on this

  6. IT’S ABOUT D#### FOURTH CHAOS EMERALD TIME! Still not redownloading it, though. Unless they fix all the other bugs, I’m looking ahead to the 25th anniversary game.

  7. What, a Halloween update with no Boom Boos or Pumpkin Hill, instead we get Zazz? He made sense to turn up in Dash as he was promoting Lost World but here he just seems completely random. Its not like he’s a character that the masses demand!

  8. At this point, Zazz is overused. Lost World was 2 years ago. He wasn’t a bad character, but he should stay back in Lost World exclusively. I may be inclined to get Runners now. Since it should be able to delete left over data like ANY OTHER GAME, I dont have to take precious time out of my day to manually delete useless data hogging up space.

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