Mash-Up Monday: Dragon Spring & Knight of the Power


[ Feature image is Super Sonic vs. SSJ Goku, by Lamar Wells! ]

As though Akira Toriyama’s Dragon Ball hasn’t garnered enough success during its initial run in print and on television the world over, the famed manga and anime series is having quite the revival period in recent years.

Sequel films Battle of Gods and Resurrection: F have since contributed to the series mythos with the introduction of the Super Saiyan God, and a new sequel anime series – Dragon Ball Super – continues to add to Goku’s many adventures, following the defeat of the alien warlord Frieza, Doctor Gero’s Androids and his ultimate creation in Cell, and Bibbidi’s evil, planet-levelling monster of eons past, Majin Bū.

Numerous parallels exist between Dragon Ball and Sonic the Hedgehog – a set of seven magical artifacts said to grant miracles, Super transformations, time-travelling heroes sent back to the present to save their future, just to name a few – but there’s only one such parallel we explore here on Mash-Up Monday (or would a “Fusion Friday” have worked better for this one?), and that’s music!

Our first mash-up – “Dragon Spring” – was submitted to us by TrueBlueFuse, combining the opening to Dragon Ball Z Kai with one of my favourite tracks from the mobile endless runner, Sonic Runners! Takayoshi Tanimoto’s “Dragon Soul” fuses with Tomoya Ohtani’s “Spring Emotions” below!

Thanks for sending it in, TBF!

On the other hand, Dragon Ball fans in the West are likely to have grown up to Bruce Faulconer’s score, so perhaps the next mash-up, “Knight of the Power” by Hyper-Shan, might suit your fancy!

Faulconer’s “Gohan Powers Up”, first played during the Z Warriors’ climactic battle with Cell (heck, some of you might even recognize this tune from Chakra-X’s Sonic: Nazo Unleashed animated fan film!), combines with Crush 40’s “Knight of the Wind”, from Sonic and the Black Knight, and the end result makes for a rather mystical take on an otherwise rock-heavy track. On one hand, it’s easier on the ears, but on the other, it sounds otherworldly!

Found any other interesting Sonic music mashups out there on the web? Maybe you have one of your own you’d like to share? If so, you can either share your suggestions in the comments section below (as well as your thoughts on TrueBlueFuse and Hyper-Shan’s mash-ups above!), or you can reach me via any of the following to see your choice next Monday:

Also, if you could all keep the “Sonic vs. Goku” debates outside of the comments section, that’d be greeeeeaaaaat–––
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  1. Johnny Gioeli sounds drunk as fuck in the second vid. Ima be honest and say I liked the JoJo mashups better.

  2. They both sounded great! Personally, I would have preferred the English version of Dragon Soul to be mixed in there, but maybe this one had a better tempo, I don’t know. That second one was pretty great though, even if it was pretty smooth the whole way. Can’t wait till I get to that arc, lol. X3″

  3. Dragon Spring sounds like a masterpiece, but that may be because it’s two masterpieces meshed together. X3

    When it comes to Hyper-Shan’s mashups though, I’d totally recommend With Me vs. New Divide. (Black Knight vs. Linkin Park)

  4. I’m so sick of these Sonic vs DBZ hypothetical fights. Look I know DBZ and Sonic are totally different universes and so fighting between them is hard to compare, but everyone needs to face facts already: Big the Cat could kick Oolong’s ass even without Froggy or his fishing pole.

  5. Has anyone else noticed how, in the Excalibur transformation sequence, Sonic jumps slightly when the armour clamps onto his crotch area? >:)

    Anyway, I definitely prefer the Knight of the Wind one, I find the other one gets boring very quickly but I’m not really sure the slower tempo fits very well. It kinda sounds like it’s chugging along instead of going smoothly, if you get my drift.

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