BBC: All Stars Racing Transformed Improves Your Memory & Concentration Skills

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This is the kind of story which always seems to come up at least once every year or so, but it’s always nice to see.

Last night BBC 2’s Horizon was entitled “Are Video games Really That Bad?” It was a really good, non sensationalist look at videogames and how they influence you, because lets be honest here, they do.

It was a fascinating insight into gaming, especially the part of the show which showed how one videogame was improving the quality of keyhole surgery and some doctors are now playing games as they feel it’s improving the quality of their care.

However, more closer to home was the segment near the end of the show, they wanted to test how games influence non gamers, so they got together a group of pensioners who don’t play games, and asked them to do a series of tests involving memory and concentration, they then asked them to play Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed for 20 min per day, for 5 weeks.

After which they performed the same tests and according to the results, their memory and concentration skills had all improved by 30%.

So there you have it, you now have a medical reason to play ASRT, but honestly you should be playing it because it’s a bloody good game. Can we have a third one now please?

You can watch the show on BBC’s iPlayer for the next month. Those outside of the UK may need to fiddle with their location settings/proxi time.

Now where did I put my keys…?

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  1. In my opinion, playing video games is a really good way to spend free time, as long as you don’t over do it and let it take up your time of studying and physical activities. As someone who’s into arts and animation, I find playing video games very inspiring for my creativity.

  2. Where’s your keys? Here’s your keys! *Stardust Speedway Present JP plays* X)

    Sorry, that seems to be what I always hear from that music. ^_^”

  3. Makes sense, the game becomes really challenging in the hardest difficutly, but yeah is an awesome game and I hope Sumo Digital comes back someday to develop another great Sonic racer!

  4. I SO want a third one for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Though, my inner Smash fan wants a SEGA fighting game.

    1. Actually me too, I’m a big fighting games fight and I would love to play either a Sega fighting game or a brand new Sonic fighting game, probably more the later.

      I don’t think Sumo Digital has any experience with fighting games though, it would be better to ask for it to another developer like Arc System Works or even Capcom.

    2. I don’t see that being impossible. I for one think Sonic the Fighters could be amazing if it were updated to modern standards and had its formula expanded upon.

      I know that Dimps has made some good fighting games in the past, so maybe go with that company? Yet again, Dimps seldom does well with 3D games or strict limitations, both of which Sega would likely force on it. So maybe a Dimps-made fighting game would be terrible instead…

  5. After watching this it was quite interesting to see. Glad not everyone accuses video games beaning the root of violence.

  6. Wait… this game was out in late 2012 when my freshman year started and I played it a lot. I got great grades that year and even straight A’s in the first quarter. I stopped playing the game for good around the end of that school year (The whole DLC nonsense angered me). Then in 10th and 11th grade my grades dropped and never reached that level of quality again. Is it possible that playing this game is the reason why my grades were so good in 9th grade?!?! If so, than I better pop that disc in and get back to playing it again! Perhaps I can still save my senior year!!

  7. ASRT was pretty difficult if I recall correctly. I haven’t played it though, so I wouldn’t really know. Regardless, its cool to see a more level-headed, positive look at the effects of gaming rather than the sensationalist “OMG GAMES MAKE YOU KILL PEOPLE AND LIVE IN BASEMENTS FOREVER” schlock the media likes to push. While I don’t doubt video games can have negative effects, the fact that negative effects can arise from video games doesn’t mean that we should ignore the positive effects that can arise.

    Ah, where was I going with this? I don’t really know, but hey, it is nice to see something positive involving Sonic in the media for once.

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